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The Difference Between Integration Technology & Using Technology to Transform Schools
by postino in Education
Technology has taken the world by storm, including schools. Technology has changed the way students learn. Many schools have a technology integration specialist present in their building who helps teachers integrate technology into their lessons. While technology can be amazing, it is only a tool and the lessons themselves are what should be undergoing transformation. What is Technology Integra

How has RIA technology evolved and what technology stack currently rules this domain?
by Chaos in Web Design

I am new to RIA and have not been actively involved with this technology in my projects as we using server-side Java, but I want to gain some experience with RIA. My questions are:

How has RIA technology evolved and in your opinion -
What technology stack currently
rules this domain?
What are the recommended resources for learning RIA? In general what is the suggested

How to avoid having the same name for a class and it's namespace, such as Technology.Technology?
by dyarborough in Programming Languages

I am frequently having naming conflicts between a namespace and a class within that namespace and would like to know a best practice for handling this when it seems to make sense to use these names in the first place, besides adding random prefixes.

It seemed to make sense to have a Models.Technology namespace, with dozens of technology classes (ie. Weapon, Agricultural, Recycling t

Differences Between Modern War Technology & Ancient War Technology
by Elieder in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Ancient and modern armies alike share the use of armor, bombardment weapons and mobile units, though thousands of years of technological advances have made their implementation far more sophisticated. Modern warfare offer new offensive and protective capabilities an ancient soldier would have marveled at. Mechanized units supplanted horses long ago, and modern elements of warfare such as airborne

Satellite TV Technology Vs. Cable TV Technology
by apaunchev in Electronics
Cable and satellite television are among the most popular and competitive formats for delivering programming. While cable remains the most popular type of TV service, satellite TV growth has cut in to the cable market in recent years. Each type of service has its own advantages and drawbacks. EquipmentOne of the key differences between cable and satellite TV technologies is the equipment that p

How Is Bluetooth Technology Different From WiFi Technology?
by CrimsonGore in Internet
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both wireless networking technologies that allow data to be transferred between electronic devices using high frequency radio signals. Bluetooth is used, primarily, to replace cables, while Wi-Fi --- actually a consumer-friendly name for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 family of technologies --- is used, primarily, to provide access to a

LCD Vs. LED Technology
by amosk in Electronics
Knowing the difference between LCD and LED technology can help people who are shopping for a television or computer monitor make an educated purchase. Consumers should study the advantages and disadvantages of LCD versus LED displays. LightingLiquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) use backlight illumination technologies. The difference between LCD and LED displays, howe
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About GSM Technology
by Lathentar in Electronics
GSM (global system for mobile communication) is a digital mobile phone technology used to transmit voice and data services, first launched in Finland in the early 1990s. GSM, the most popular of the three digital wireless technologies including GSM, TDMA and CDMA, is widely used in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. In achieving voice communications between devices, GSM technology first di
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About Blu Ray Technology
by Russia in Electronics
Blu ray -- usually spelled as "Blu-ray" -- is an optical disc format developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association to allow users to record and play high-definition videos and store large amounts of data on a single disc. The format is not only used to store videos and data, however; it is also the official format for games released on the PlayStation 3 game console. There are a number of benefits to
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4D Technology
by WicKeD in Computers
4D technology is used primarily in medical imaging devices, such as ultrasounds or CT scanners, to produce real-time images of internal organs as they slightly shift position within the body over a period of time. DimensionsIn 2D scans, an ultrasound device or CT scanner takes an image of the body along one plane, known as a "slice." This gives doctors a simple picture of the organs that inters
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