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How to Get a Job Doing Fortune Telling
by Lori in Personal Finance
Foretelling the future is an ancient gift, practiced in cultures around the world. Gifted tarot readers, psychics, astrologers, clairvoyants, palm readers, mediums and intuitive advisers who are genuine and have the highest possible level of honesty and integrity are in high demand. Fortune tellers must be effective communicators who convey empathy and understanding. Fortune telling requires a rea

Why Does IE8 Keep Telling Me That I Am Offline When I Am Not?
by Jason Dockery in Computers
Internet Explorer 8 was released in March, 2009 for the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. While IE 8 generally is considered to be a stable browser, users have reported problems with the browser telling them that they are offline when they are not. Being in offline mode on IE 8 is particularly frustrating for users because it prevents them from browsing the Internet. There

About Telling Jokes
by smbrant in Arts & Entertainment
Jokes have been around as long as humans have. Laughter releases stress and helps groups form bonds. There is no doubt that this was useful when cavemen were huddled away in the dark hiding from giant carnivorous animals and fighting off starvation. Keeping the mood light became a survival trait. Comedy has lived on into civilizations of the Greeks, who coined the word comedy, through the days of

How to Tell if She's Telling the Truth
by Elcs in Relationships & Family
Everyone tells lies on occasion but, according to Susan Shapiro Barash, author of "Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets: The Truth About Women and Deception," women are more skilled at lying and do so much more frequently than men. But that doesn't mean that it isn't possible to detect a woman's dishonesty; even the most skilled liar will give off subtle clues. Consider a few common ways to figure
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Tips for Telling Someone They Did Not Get the Job
by phokus in Business
One of the least favored tasks that human resources staff and hiring managers inherit is informing candidates that the company decided to offer the job to another candidate. After weeks of interviewing candidates, you may be so focused on preparing the successful candidate for the new job that you overlook an obligation to contact the unsuccessful candidates. The time you spend making telephone ca

How to Make Up After Telling a Lie
by lxskllr in Relationships & Family
Trust is an important part of every relationship, and when one partner lies to another, the damage done to their relationship may be irreparable. However, it is not impossible to mend things once again. With vulnerability, a new attitude and a willingness to make things better, partners can be reconciled and the hurt caused by dishonesty can be healed. Though in some cases it may be best to seek p
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How to Go About Telling Him Your Feelings
by Yserbius in Relationships & Family
Telling a man how you feel can be difficult, whether it is conveying feelings of love or other feelings about your relationship. Some women fear rejection, while others fear pushing him away. But sharing your feelings doesn't have to be such a daunting task. There are several ways to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself as well as practical measures that can help make this process easier.Dif

What Your Dog's Tail Is Telling You
by Jaleel in Pets
Dogs communicate with each other using body language and signals just like humans do. If you pay close enough attention, you'll begin to see nuances in the way a dog wags his tail based on how he's feeling. Some people assume that a tail wag always signals happiness, but the height, speed and position of the tail can actually signal anything from nervousness to playfulness to fear. Low and Fast

How to Know What Your Cat's Tail is Telling You
by Lori in Pets
A cat's behavior is sometimes hard to interpret. Unlike with the overly affectionate dog, a wag of the tail doesn't always mean that the cat is happy and excited. Want to be able to read your cat's mood from the action of her tail? Read on.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
A cat with a tail

How to Know What Your Cat's Tail is Telling YouWhile a w

Five Key Elements of Story Telling
by Nandor Devai in Arts & Entertainment
Whether it's a novel, a movie script, part of a sales presentation or a public-speaking engagement, all well-told stories share specific elements that help make them compelling to the target audience. While numerous details must come together in effective storytelling, experts suggest there are five key elements of storytelling. PassionIn their book "The Elements of Persuasion: Use Storytelling

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