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Parse Textfile and create new Textfile TAB Error
by micaleel in Programming Languages

I'm just here to write a text file parser in PHP. The goal is to clean up the source file (consisting of XY and Z values ​​separated with spaces), and a new text file with these values, but TAB STOP to write separately. In principle, this works so well.

Here is the link to the source file: http://austrianmultimedia.at/forumbilder/gcode/1_small_testblock_export.gcode
The pro

How to append content of one textfile to another textfile using batchscript?
by TC. in Coding

How to create a simple batchscript in windows that will take the contents of one txt file and will append it to the end of another textfile

Drag textfile and open file in Textfile
by Phil Austin in Programming Languages

I was trying to make a C# program that has a listbox and a button. What I want to do is to drag a text file that contains a group of pipe-delimited strings (e.g., test|2|3|4|1) and display the file contents in the listbox. The button would be used to clear the listbox. Can somebody recommend how I can accomplish this?

How to search my textfile?
by Kapishin in Programming Languages

I was hoping someone could offer me a little help here please. I have a text file which has two columns and each column is separated by a space (“ “), the first column is a string and the second column is a numeric field.

What I’m trying is to read the numeric field in textbox1 and match it to every numeric field in column2 and if the number in textbox1 is not greater than th

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How to read a textfile using C#.Net
by Jason Merrill in C & C++ & C#

I have a text file. I want read that file. But In that if the line starts with 6 then i want read that file otherwise leave that line and go to next line. If the line starts with 6 then i want to read that line from position 6 to 15 and 45 to 62. I want to implement this code in C#.NET. How to write that code? Can anyone Help me.

DataTable from TextFile?
by YuriyLazarev in Programming Languages

I have taken over an application written by another developer, which reads data from a database, and exports it.

The developer used DataTables and DataAdaptors.


_dataAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter("Select * From C....", myConnection);

and then

ExtractedData = new DataTable("CreditCards");

can we say textfile is a database?
by Nandor Devai in Databases

Can we say textfile is a database? As we know that a database is a collection of data
and a database allows easy retrieval and manipulation, but we can do these things with
a textfile. So is a text file is a database?

form in HTML to textfile using PHP
by David Bjornn in PHP

I have a form written in HTML and a PHP file that should be able to generate the input into a textfile in the same dir. I tested it out before with a different simple HTML file and it worked, now I'm trying to apply it to a bigger HTML file and somehow it wont work and I cant find whats wrong with it.



get subsection of a textfile using awk, sed or grep
by jch in Network & Servers

I'm afraid I'm not an expert at any of the three tools listed, so I'm asking you all.

I have a large text file that can be broken into multiple sections, each of which has the header ABC and the footer &&. A typical file would look like this:


Read Textfile into Safearray
by AJ. in Programming Languages

I need to read a textfile and store the data into a Safearray.

I tried it with this function:

bool Parse::LoadTxtFileIntoSafearray(string* strPath, SAFEARRAY** pByteArray)
bool bReturn = false;
string line;
int iOffset = 0;
char* pcBuffer = NULL;
std::ifstream infile ( strPath->data() );
if ( !infile.fail() )

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