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How to Make Things for a Horror Movie From Things in the Home
by iNate2000 in Arts & Entertainment
When shooting a low-budget horror movie, the practical way to produce the props you need is to find raw materials and actual items that you can get from things inside the home. Aside from the basic tools that are usually found in the garage, there are many accessible things inside the house that you can possibly use to create horror props and blood effects for your movie.Difficulty:ModerateInstruc

iPhone animations - animating one things causes other things to be animated
by ShiggityShaw in Programming Languages

I've animated moving a UIView as follows:

CGRect rightPop = CGRectMake(167, 270, 142, 73);
[UIView beginAnimations:nil context:NULL];
[UIView beginAnimations:nil context:NULL];
[UIView setAnimationBeginsFromCurrentState:YES];
[UIView setAnimationDuration:0.4];
[rightToast setFrame:rightPop];
[UIView commitAnimations];


How do I Compare Living Things From Nonliving Things in Organisms?
by elmagistral in Education
An organism is classified as a living thing that carries specific characteristics such as reproduction, energy use and the ability to grow. As long as an organism carries these types of properties, it can be considered living. This includes things such as bacteria, animals, plants and humans. Non-living organisms do not live or function within their environment at all. Therefore, understanding wha

I want my app to run things in the background, even when the user is donig other things on his Android
by keyed in Android

What should I look at to get started?

Is it Timer? http://developer.android.com/reference/java/util/Timer.html

Or am I missing something else?

I'm doing funky things with placement new, and things are failing. Workarounds?
by Icecold in Programming Languages

I have a very large, spread out class that is essentially a very contrived two dimensional linked list. I want to be able to "compile" it, by which I mean I want to finalize the list, so that only read accesses may be made, and then move all the elements into contiguous memory spaces. My rough solution is this:

#include <new>
MyListNode* pool = new MyListNode

How to Create the Things Where You Can Tear Off Things From a Flyer
by Ferzerp in Business
If you are trying to sell a car, looking for a roommate or giving away free kittens, posting a flyer in a public place is a method of advertising that doesn't require spending much money. Often, flyers are made with little tabs at the bottom, each printed with a telephone number for prospective buyers to tear off and take home. Making this kind of flyer takes a bit of work, but is possible for any

MongoDB using db.things.find(“j != 3 && k > 10”) vs db.things.find({j: {$ne: 3}, k: {$gt: 10} })
by deom2i in Databases

I have been using MongoDB and the Ruby driver and Mongoid, and lines

db.things.find({j: {$ne: 3}, k: {$gt: 10} });

just seem so weird and hard to remember. Why not use a parser:

db.things.find("j != 3 && k > 10")

which can automatically convert to its desired form? (or whatever form it uses internally).

Things to See & Do Along I-20 in LA
by 1sikbITCH in Travel
Interstate 20 runs across the northern part of Louisiana and takes travelers towards Texas or Mississippi. Northern Louisiana offers a variety of things to see and do for children and adults including amusement parks, casinos, museums, nature settings and even a zoo. Many attractions are located in the cities of Shreveport, Bossier City and Monroe. Gardens of the American Rose CenterLocated on
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Fun Things to See in the U.S.
by sql-server in Travel
The United States offers a myriad of attractions for both foreign and domestic visitors. From natural wonders like the Grand Canyon to the man-made monuments in Washington, D.C., along with lesser-known sights, worthwhile destinations for people of all ages, backgrounds and budgets can be found in all areas of the country. You may not need to travel far to experience the allure of America. Hist
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Things for a First Aid Kit
by Aravinth in Health
A well-stocked first aid kit is an essential for every home. First aid kits should be filled with things you need to have on hand in case of common household injuries, such as wounds, burns, bites, stings or illness. Kits should be stored in an easily accessible location, though it is also necessary to also keep them out of reach of young children. If you are assembling or purchasing a kit, make s
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