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Data throttling C#
Category : C & C++ & C#

I am using thirparty component which accepts maximum 25KB data at a time. I am passing array of the objects to this third party comonent from my application.

However the amount of data that my application writes is much more than 25KB. I am retrieving data from database and calling the component directly.

I have added reference of the component in the application. The d

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Quartz Job throttling
Category : Development Tools & Services

Little bit wiered requirement:

I have a few quartz jobs that are acting as data collectors, collects data from different locations as and when available. Then I have another job [data load] which is being called/triggered from the collector jobs to update my DB.

My requirement is to some how throttle Load Job to have only two instances running in parallel and handle th

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Client Throttling
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a requirement to implement client-based service throttling, e.g. client A must not generate more then 20 calls per second, while client B must not generate more than 15 calls per second.

I am aware of the ServiceThrottlingBehavior but this applies at service-level. How can I go one level down and limit individual clients within those parameters?

One solution we ar

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.NET WebRequest Throttling
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using C# .NET 4 and MSSQL.

The code uses WebRequest to download the html of different websites.
The code is multi threaded.

I want to limit the number of requests per mintue for a pre-defined list of domains.

For example

Domain: www.domain1.com Request Per Min : 5

Domain: www.domain2.com Request Per Min : 20

i saw

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What Is Bandwidth Throttling?
Category : Internet
Bandwidth throttling, also known as traffic shaping, is the practice of reducing the available speed of an Internet connection to lower a user’s impact on others. Service providers use this technique to provide connections to more users without upgrading their lines, reducing the bandwidth available to everyone to prevent network congestion. Depending on their particular network needs, ISPs

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Detect if SQL Azure is throttling
Category : Databases

I have an Azure worker role that inserts a batch of records into a table. Yesterday, it took at most 5 minutes to insert the records, but today it has been taking up to a couple of hours. I suspect that the process is being throttled, but I don't get any exceptions. Does SQL Azure always return an error if you are being throttled, or is there another way to detect if you are being throttled?

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ASP.NET WebAPI request throttling
Category : Programming Languages

I was wondering how request throttling would work with WebApi self-hosting? Would this be something you would have to implement yourself?

Thanks for your time.

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How do I receive API Throttling Warnings?
Category : Development Tools & Services

We need to fetch mutual friend data for each one of our new users. (We're currently doing that through the REST API.) In load testing for an upcoming traffic surge, we ran into API throttling, which breaks our production site. Oops!

In the Insights -> Diagnostics pane, it looks like they issue throttling warnings before they actually throttle. Is there some way we can monitor those

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Amazon web services Throttling
Category : Web Design

Currently I have two applications querying Amazon Web Services.

Application 'A' has been whitelisted, I can still query the old Product advertising API using AWS.

Appilication 'B' uses the MWS system.

It appears that application 'A' queries apply to Application 'B' throttle limit. Is this accurate?

If I am accessing to different API's will the thr

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Bandwidth throttling in Python
Category : Network & Servers

What libraries out there let you control the download speed of network requests (http in particular). I don't see anything built-in in urllib2 (nor in (Py)Qt which I intend on using).

Can Twisted control bandwidth? If not, how can I control the read buffer size of urllib2 or Twisted? sleeping to suspend network operations isn't an option.

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