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What Are the Causes of Eye Tics?
by NextInLine in Health
Eyelid tics or eye twitches can drive you mad in short order. You may become obsessed with it, wondering why it's happened, what caused it and why it won't go away. Twitches, tics and spasms of the eye are relatively common, according to Burt Dubow, O.D., guest expert at Allboutvision.com. DescriptionWhen twitching and tics occur, they usually happen on the bottom of one eye, not both, though t
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How to Get Rid of Nervous Tics
by Ansari in Health
According to The Great Plains Laboratory, about one out of 100 people have some form of nervous tics, from what is often called Tics Disorder or from disorders like Tourette's Syndrome. Tics can have any of several causes, from genetics to medication, but there are measures that sufferers can take to get rid of their nervous tics and lead a more normal life.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Stud
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Month tics, how to set
by Zivic in Web Design

In GnuPlot:

How to set xtics to 1st of every month?

set xtics would not work for me the as the number of seconds per month varies.

set xmtics does not work for me because months are displayed without years and it is not shown to which year belongs a month.

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Drug Treatment for Tics
by patheems in Health
Tics are defined as involuntary, uncontrollable muscle spasms typically associated with Tourette's Syndrome, chronic motor tic disorder, or the more rare transient tic disorder . They usually involve grimacing, excessive blinking, rapid movement of arms and legs, and grunts. Tics can be bothersome and interfere with one's life in a negative way, even occurring throughout sleep. They can, however,

How to Stop Nervous Tics
by Ferzerp in Health
Nervous tics can take many forms, and thus can be extremely hard to pin down and treat. Most common tics are "rapid, involuntary, repetitive muscular movements, which usually involving the face or neck area." (See Reference 1) Eye blinks, head tossing and facial grimacing would be examples of common tics. It is estimated that simple tics occur in about 10 percent of the population. There are a few
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Irregular axis tics in d3.js
by David Porter in Programming Languages

Suppose one has a d3.js plot; At the moment I've been pulling apart the stream demo, but I'm sure this question is slightly more general.

I have some number of x points I'd like to highlight by drawing vertical lines through as labels, sort of like the tics here.

I'm not picky about data representation, so I can modify the data representation as needed. Just for concre

How do I set X Tics in to show in kilobytes?
by nsavop in Web Design

I have a set of CSV data where it is a range of data from 2000 - 2000000 bytes, say, and I want to plot every single one of these points. I however don't want it to say 2e6 for my data but rather just 2, so I can set my x-axis title to "megabytes".

That is, how do automatically override the visible text on the x axis bar (via some sort of formula relating to the underlying data?) us

How to Control Tics From Tourette's Syndrome
by Megatomic in Health
Tourette's syndrome can be a strain on an individual's life. The tics associated with the syndrome can be extremely socially limiting, embarrassing, and all consuming. Finding effective treatments for tics can be exhaustive and takes some searching to locate one that works. Learn how to help control tics from Tourette's syndrome and find a viable treatment method that will help the patient regain

Gnuplot lines overlap with tics
by comphollic in Programming Languages

How can I avoid that my lines of the plot overlap with the tics, I want to have them in front and the plots in the background.

Can Chiropractic Care Help Childhood Tics?
by Maine in Health
Childhood tics are a common symptom of Tourette's syndrome, attention deficit disorder and other neurobehavioral conditions. Tics can also occur in isolation without indicating the presence of any specific disease or condition. Many parents choose to use chiropractic care as a treatment for children with tics. TheoriesAdvocates of chiropractic medicine believe that mild misalignment of the spin

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