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extension till model plan and not till layout
by Timo in Web Design

I am using Autocad 2012. There is model and layout.

I want to create extension BUT I want to do the same till model plan only AND not till layout plan.

Any idea how to do that?

Also any link where I can get drawhatch11.vlx file? I need to create my own hatch file.

my sql how do sum() that will every raw till that raw?
by Grumpy Tim in Databases

I wrote a query that returns me 2 col as the following:

(I get the total col with count(*) )

date total
1,2010 2
2,2010 5
3,2010 3
4,2010 7
5,2010 6
6,2010 6

I would like to do some query on the results that I got that will do sum on the total but in each row it w

What Is the Meaning of Till?
by joshboles in Education
The word "till" has multiple definitions, according to Dictionary.com. Depending on the use of the word, it can be a verb, conjunction or noun. Glacial TillA glacial till, commonly made of boulder clay, is an unstratified group of rock fragments forming a glacial deposit. Glacial tills are caused by moving or melting glaciers. In this form, till is a noun.
Cash TillAnother noun, a "till" is
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How to Till Without a Tiller
by TRobison in Home & Garden
Before you plant flowers or vegetables, it's a good idea to turn and loosen the soil. It is possible for a plant to force its roots through hard, compacted soil, but loose, friable soil allows plants freer access to air, nutrients and water. This means that they will grow more quickly and abundantly when their needs are met. You don't need a tiller to turn and loosen the soil in a small garden plo

How to Till Dirt
by NAM TRON in Home & Garden
Before planting a new garden or flower bed, till the soil. This involves tearing up the sod and exposing the dirt, turning it over so you can plant seeds or seedlings. The size of the plot that you plan to till is a factor in determining what type of equipment you use. You can till a small plot with a shovel and rake, but for larger plots, a rototiller makes the job easier and gets it done more qu
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How to Update Till I.E. 5.17
by StereoPixel in Computers
Internet Explorer 5 release 17 is a version of Internet Explorer designed for Microsoft Windows 2000 and earlier operating systems. When you run Windows Update on one of these editions of Windows, you will update to the latest edition of Internet Explorer 5 that is available. You can prevent upgrading beyond release 17 by defining a rule in the system registry that prevents updates to versions bey
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How to Till With a Spade
by zuz in Home & Garden
Tilling a garden involves loosening the top 6 to 8 inches of soil. Doing so loosens compacted soil and increases its ability to hold oxygen and water. This encourages plant growth. Because roots have an easier time growing in loose soil, they spread farther during the growing season and support more foliage and fruit. Gardens are traditionally tilled with hand tillers or rototillers with tines tha
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How to Till a Flower Bed
by maniacalpha1-1 in Home & Garden
Proper soil nutrients and texture help flowers thrive -- but improper soil conditions can hinder plants and cause them to die or grow stunted. Tilling is one of the best ways to create healthy soil in a flower bed, as it mixes and loosens the soil, which promotes healthy drainage and irrigation. In addition, tilling lets gardeners mix nutrients and amendments directly into the ground. While you on
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What Is No-Till Planting?
by liganic in Home & Garden
Sometimes called lasagna gardening or sheet composting, no-till planting methods use successive layers of mulch to prepare garden beds. Instead of tilling the garden every year, gardeners leave the soil undisturbed, except to install seeds or plants. Because it supports the natural balance of the soil food web, no-till planting is often employed by organic gardeners or those seeking more earth-fri
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What Is Low-Till Farming?
by dawp in Home & Garden
Low-till farming, also known as low-till plowing, is an agricultural process that minimally disturbs the soil and ground cover. As a result, the structure of the top soil -- an influential factor in the ability of soil to hold water as well as the ability of new plants to easily put down roots -- is left undisturbed. By comparison, traditional farming practices regularly plow the field to aerate t
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