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extension till model plan and not till layout
Category : Web Design

I am using Autocad 2012. There is model and layout.

I want to create extension BUT I want to do the same till model plan only AND not till layout plan.

Any idea how to do that?

Also any link where I can get drawhatch11.vlx file? I need to create my own hatch file.

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my sql how do sum() that will every raw till that raw?
Category : Databases

I wrote a query that returns me 2 col as the following:

(I get the total col with count(*) )

date total
1,2010 2
2,2010 5
3,2010 3
4,2010 7
5,2010 6
6,2010 6

I would like to do some query on the results that I got that will do sum on the total but in each row it w

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How to Till a Garden
Category : Home & Garden
Preparing to plant a home garden starts with tilling the soil. This is a crucial step because tilling flips over the garden's top layer of soil to uncover fresh soil below. Till your garden to achieve maximum results for flower beds and homegrown fruits and vegetables.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Determine if the soil is ready to till in March or early April. If it is sticky and clump

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How to Till Dirt
Category : Home & Garden
Before planting a new garden or flower bed, till the soil. This involves tearing up the sod and exposing the dirt, turning it over so you can plant seeds or seedlings. The size of the plot that you plan to till is a factor in determining what type of equipment you use. You can till a small plot with a shovel and rake, but for larger plots, a rototiller makes the job easier and gets it done more qu

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What Is Glacial Till?
Category : Hobbies, Games & Toys
A glacier is a mass of accumulated snow and ice that originates in a mountain range and takes hundreds to thousands of years to form. The frozen water moves over the land, carving and transforming the landscape. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, glacial till is the rock and soil material that has been carried by a glacier as it moves and is left behind when the glacier melts or r

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How to Use a No-Till Seeder
Category : Home & Garden
A no-till seeder is a highly useful tool that cuts down planting time in half for farmers. Rather than having two separate machines, one for tilling the ground and one for planting, the no-till seeder combines the two processes, drilling the ground and planting the seeds at once. This not only saves time, but also saves the expense of purchasing two separate machines.Difficulty:Moderately Challeng

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How to Till Without a Tiller
Category : Home & Garden
Before you plant flowers or vegetables, it's a good idea to turn and loosen the soil. It is possible for a plant to force its roots through hard, compacted soil, but loose, friable soil allows plants freer access to air, nutrients and water. This means that they will grow more quickly and abundantly when their needs are met. You don't need a tiller to turn and loosen the soil in a small garden plo

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How to Till Before Laying Sod
Category : Home & Garden
Tilling breaks up soil to allow better drainage and air circulation for sod's roots. Sod laid on compacted soil cannot establish a strong root system. Furthermore, gardeners must till soil amendments to help raise the soil's pH and add extra nutrients to encourage strong root growth. Before tilling can even begin, it is important for gardeners to remove any unwanted vegetation or weed growth on th

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How to Till a Flower Bed
Category : Home & Garden
Proper soil nutrients and texture help flowers thrive -- but improper soil conditions can hinder plants and cause them to die or grow stunted. Tilling is one of the best ways to create healthy soil in a flower bed, as it mixes and loosens the soil, which promotes healthy drainage and irrigation. In addition, tilling lets gardeners mix nutrients and amendments directly into the ground. While you on

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What Is the Meaning of Till?
Category : Education
The word "till" has multiple definitions, according to Dictionary.com. Depending on the use of the word, it can be a verb, conjunction or noun. Glacial TillA glacial till, commonly made of boulder clay, is an unstratified group of rock fragments forming a glacial deposit. Glacial tills are caused by moving or melting glaciers. In this form, till is a noun.
Cash TillAnother noun, a "till" is

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