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primefaces: the rowselect event in datatable is called several times if the page is loaded several times
by jrf in Web Design

I have a problem with the rowselect event from datatable.

I have a website like this:

<ui:include src="header.xhtml"/>
<div id ="content"></div>
<ui:include src="footer.xhtml"/>

I load header and footer only once. In my header, my links execute a jQuery command:


Annotation is selected works 1 to 2 times when map region change to Center pin and not work all times
by wafe in Mobile Programming

I have problem in Annotation View When i tap First time in Annotation it callout perfect and set Annotation in Center of MapView but after i change Region and Again i click on Annotation it just center on mapview but now callout bubble. Please check below DidselectAnnotationView method is
there any problem.

-(void)mapView:(MKMapView *)mapView didSelectAnnotationView:(MKAnno

Displaying columns of times in nested repeaters with spaces for unavailable times
by Govind Bhavan in Programming Languages

I am displaying a weeks worth of available booking slots which is taken from the current day and extends for 7 available days. The way this works is I obtain a list of 7 upcoming days which have available booking slots. I then loop through these days and obtain the list of times available.

What I am then doing is building up an XML string like this


ChildWindow Close button event handler executes multiple times if it fast clicked many times
by Spain in Programming Languages

My ChildWindow has CloseButton and handler assigned to Click event. Code (only for example):

Declaring close button:

<Button x:Name="CloseButton" Click="OnCloseButtonClick" />

Private counter (for diagnostics problem):

private uint _i;

Close event handler:


Comparing two date / times to find out if 5 mins has lapsed between the two times php
by Lithuania in PHP

I need to compare two dates to show an edit link if it is within 5 mins after the post was made, in PHP. If more than 5 minutes have passed, don't show anything.

$answer_post_date = get_the_time("Y-m-d");
$current_date = date("Y-m-d");
$formated_current_date = strtotime($answer_post_date);
$formated_answer_post_date = strtotime($current_date);

how to calculate (a times b) divided by c only using 32-bit integer types even if a times b would not fit such a type
by mikhaelrasputin in Programming Languages

Consider the following as a reference implementation:

/* calculates (a * b) / c */
uint32_t muldiv(uint32_t a, uint32_t b, uint32_t c)
uint64_t x = a;
x = x * b;
x = x / c;
return x;

I am interested in an implementation (in C or pseudocode) that does not require a 64-bit integer type.

I starte

Faster to malloc multiple small times or few large times?
by licensing in Programming Languages

When using malloc to allocate memory, is it generally quicker to do multiple mallocs of smaller chunks of data or fewer mallocs of larger chunks of data? For example, say you are working with an image file that has black pixels and white pixels. You are iterating through the pixels and want to save the x and y position of each black pixel in a new structure that also has a pointer to the next

C++: How to run a system command N times (async) and get N execution times back?
by Matt1970 in Programming Languages

I'm new to C++ and have not used any threading in C++ yet. I'm on windows 7 using visual studio 2010.

What I'm trying to do is write a main method that triggers N executions of a given system command and for each execution it is able to acquire the time taken for that particular execution on completion. It would also be nice to know if the command succeeded or failed through getting

AudioQueue Output Callback only fires 3 times (nBuffers times)
by Jake Levitt in Mobile Programming

When I start an audio output process with AudioQueueStart(out.queue, nil), the output callback only fires 3 times (which is the number of allocated buffers).

Here is my Output callback code:

static void AQOutputCallback(void* aqr,
AudioQueueRef outQ,
AudioQueueBufferRef outQB)

jQuery blur calls 2/3 times after being called 2/3 times
by Yannis Roussochatzakis in Coding

I have some jQuery code, where you click on text and it changes into an input and when it blurs (looses focus) it changes back to text and visa versa, however on the third call is completely breaks and I have no idea why?

Does someone have any idea?

Code at


$(document).ready(function() {


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