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Is their any tool for schema compare and dumping tool for all Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase?
by M0dusFRee in Programming Languages

I just want to know any open source tool is there for schema compare and dumping for all databases. That tool can be useful in Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase.

I want to use such a tool in the automation product testing.

Please help me and and post if you know that type of open source tool.

Hp service test tool writing a Java class to customize the tool
by eferro in Java

AM Using Hp service test tool 11.20 for test the webservices . I needed to customize the tool for displaying the data once the data driven testing is completed in an html format . The details may contain the test case Id , Name which will be written in the data source.

My Question here is ,
1) Is it possible to do this customization.

Whether Hp service test tool ex

How to show tool tip on click on static control and hide tool tip when clicked elsewhere using specifically win32 c++ api
by Peter H in C & C++ & C#

I know how to normally make tool tip. But the problem is tool tip appears when mouse pointer is over control. I want tool tip to appear when static control is clicked.

I want to show tool tip only when user clicks the static control and hide the tool tip if user clicks outside the control. What messages should be handled and how to proceed? Any help will be highly appreciated...

Is there a tool similar to the Web.config tranformation tool that I can use on xml in general?
by licensing in Programming Languages

I've been having to perform changes to a handful of xml configuration files which is tedious and error prone. I was wondering if there was a tool available like the web.config transformation tool that I could use to transform regular xml with.

how to: one fragment with tool buttons and one with the tool activity on one screen
by Toetee in Programming Languages

I have made a app which has 7 pages with icons and each icon represents a tool (activity).

Now i want to make a special layout for Tablets.

I want to place all the icons (about 40) on the left side of the screen and on the right side i want to show the tool.
When a icon (button) is pressed than the tool will be displayed on the
right side.

I think y

Advantage Database ORM Tool or Code Generator Tool
by Zivic in Development Tools & Services

Does anyone know if there are any ORM tools or Code Generation tools that work against an Advantage Database?

How to Use the Fdisk Tool & the Format Tool to Partition NT
by Niels Kloster in Computers
The FDisk and Format tools are utilities used to create a new partition for a Windows NT system. Your Windows NT boot disk lets you use these tools from the Windows DOS command prompt. Both utilities completely delete files from your computer, so you should only use FDisk and Format when you have all your important files backed up to an external media disk.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things

.Net/C# Build Tool - Is NAnt a preferred tool?
by Progdis in Programming Languages

I'm about to set up an automatic build of a .net/C# project.

I've searched the net quite a bit, and there are a lot of references to this tool called 'NAnt'.

My questions are:

Is NAnt considered a good tool for this, is it still used?
Are there other toos that are the de facto standard for such a task?

From the information on the projects's sourcef

Database modeling tool to generate E-R diagrams from schema or any other tool to visually represent the MySQL DB schema
by China in Databases

I have inherited a mysql schema with around two dozen tables. I would like to create an E-R diagram (or some form of visual representation) from my the create table statements. I am looking for free open source tools which will help me do this. This will help me understand the schema better and aid others as well.

Do people have experiences with any open source tools which will hel

Best tool tool for inspecting PDF files?
by DeeJay1 in Programming Languages

What tool do you recommend for inspecting PDF files?

Use case: I'm trying to programmatically generate PDF files (using iText). I'm having trouble achieving certain layouts, but I have PDF files with text laid out the way I want (generated from Word). I would like to reverse engineer how they do it.

PDF Inspector seems to be good, but I'm looking for something for Wind

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