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Finding album metadata with total track number and track playtimes
by FrankSaucedo in Databases

Is there any service with API interface available which can detect album informations based on the number of tracks and the playtime of those tracks? I know there's CDDB and similar things, but imagine that i don't have the disc, only a couple of mp3s which are forming an album. I want to download album informations (artist, titles, cover art) for eg. tagging them correctly.

I'm see

How to Pick The Correct Track Shoes Spikes for Your Track and Field Event
by gitano in Sports & Fitness
Different track and field events call for different types of shoes or spikes. Whether you be distance, sprinter, jumper, or thrower there are differnt shoes to help your performance and give you the best support.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions First off, you should also warm-up in your regular tennis shoes.This gives you support which will prevent injuries and shin splints.For distance

applescript - how to access the clipboard as an iTunes track or file track object
by vyazkov in Web Design

I'm trying to dev a custom paste script for iTunes. After 'copy' of some playlist tracks, the user should call the script in stead of standard paste, to paste the tracks into another playlist. The script will do some extra stuff apart from pasting the tracks.

Question: To paste the clipboard as tracks an iTunes playlist I need to find the clipboard contents as Track class objects, n

How to Use the Track Comments & Track Changes Features in MS Word
by kivava in Computers
Microsoft Word includes a reviewing feature that allows you to add comments to a selection of text and to track changes when editing a document. When you make a change, a red line appears through the text or area where the change occurred. This feature is beneficial when you are editing someone's document or having another person look over your own work. You can than review all the changes that we

How to Mix a Vocal Track With an Instrumental Track With Audacity
by postino in Electronics
Audacity is one of the most versatile audio editing programs available on the Web. The quality of this program is rarely rivaled and has an easy interface. One of the best features? It's free!An interesting application with Audacity is that you can record your voice and edit it.

Outdoor Track Vs. Indoor Track
by patheems in Sports & Fitness
Due to space limitations when competing on an indoor track, there are significant differences between track events contested outdoors and those contested indoors. Running EventsSprint running events are typically shortened in an indoor track competition. Instead of running the 100-meter dash, the competitors may run 60 meters. The 100-meter hurdles is shortened to 55 or 60 meters as well. Most

Tomix Track Vs. Atlas Track
by ack in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Both Tomix Track and Atlas Track are brand name model train tracks that have been around for decades, as of 2010. The two brands are popular among train collectors for their detailed sets and are both leading brands in the industry. Tomix TrackThe Tomix Track parent company, originally called Tomy was created in Japan in 1924. However Tomy didn't introduce the Tomix brand until 1976. The compan

How Do I Tell a Two-Track Tape Deck From a Four-Track?
by Vick Aita in Electronics
Tape decks have evolved and seen many format changes over their three-decade existence. Stereo, or two-track tape decks, remain the most popular, while some decks provided four tracks for either multi-track production or multi-channel reproduction. Identifying the differences between these two decks can help you in finding the correct tape format to use with the machine. Identifying a Two-Track

how to have jslider's track below the knob's image and how to fill colours in track on Slider's knob movement?
by tl1000sv in Programming Languages

HI All,

i need to put jSlider's track below the knob's image and fill different colours in track on Slider's knob movement.

Please explain with some code snippets.


In PySpotify, trying to remove a track from a playlist without knowing the position of the track in the playlist
by AJ. in Web Design

I am trying to remove a track from a playlist and the information I know about the track is the spotify URI, the name of the track and the artist. However, I don't know the position of the track in the playlist.
The function to remove the track is the following:
Parameters: tracks (list of int) – A list of track positions to be removed fro

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