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How do I get the trackbar value?
by Trevor Dickson in Programming Languages

I feel a little silly asking this, seems pretty simple but I can't find the solution anywhere.
I have a trackbar made in visual studio 2008 and I want to use it to adjust an image threshold but I can't find the code to retrieve the sliders/markers position.
Any help would be much appreciated and I am using C++

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How to use floats with TrackBar
by The Merg in Programming Languages

I'm using a TrackBar control. By default its values are int32. I would really like to use decimal values so the use can select at a more granular level. How can I get the TrackBar control to except floats?

Meaning of trackbar
by Jason Terhorst in Web Design

the function cvCreateTrackbar create the trackbar(slider)
with the specified name and range,,,
my question, what is the trackbar??

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How to move trackbar automatically
by IeraseU in Programming Languages

Hi I'm trying to make MP3 player with C# language and I'm facing a problem.

I want to make SeekBar with TrackBar. So, I want my thumb to move periodically.

But it seems like there's no proper function for me to use....

Is there anyone who knows how to do it??

How to reset the trackbar in Visual C#?
by vferman in C & C++ & C#

How do I force the slider in the trackbar to be in the leftmost position?

Passing methods to a trackbar
by drnickriviera in Programming Languages

This is an assignment.

Im creating a very simple image processing program in C# which allows a user to perform certain actions to a greyscale image.

The problem I am currently having is I need to have more than one method passed to a trackbar.
This would allow the trackbar to change the threshold value for any method called.

I have searched Google, but

Edit trackbar value while paused
by Caomai in Programming Languages

In the code below I've created a loop which keeps running till 'q' is pressed. I'm using trackbars to set 2 variables. However I want to create some sort of pause to set these trackbars before running through this loop. The getch() function however, freezes the entire program until I press a keyand doesn't allow me to edit the trackbars. Is it possible to create some sort of pause which does al

C#: How to combine TrackBar with ProgressBar
by Rob in Programming Languages

Is there a reasonably simplistic way to combine a trackbar with a progress bar? What I'd like to be able to accomplish it so that the progressbar only goes up to the trackbar when a button is clicked. This is mainly for learning purposes but would be nice to know how to use it in a practical way as well.

Thanks in advance.

Like this.

C# Trackbar custom colors
by GreenChile in Development Tools & Services

this might be a very global question but here we go:

I was wondering how I could make a trackbar like Virtualbox.
They have a trackbar that have custom colors at the bottom to show if you've assigned too much RAM to your virtual system.
Now my question is: How can I give my trackbar custom colors?
I have read something about e.graphics etc and overriding other funtions,

How to get the position of the tracker of a .NET TrackBar?
by br0wn in Programming Languages

I am building a Windows Forms applicaton in C# and have a TrackBar on my Form. How can I compute the (pixel) position of the tip of the tracker? I would like to draw a line from there to another point on my form.
Additionally I also would like to compute the lowest and highest possible x position of the tip.

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