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How do I get the trackbar value?
Category : Programming Languages

I feel a little silly asking this, seems pretty simple but I can't find the solution anywhere.
I have a trackbar made in visual studio 2008 and I want to use it to adjust an image threshold but I can't find the code to retrieve the sliders/markers position.
Any help would be much appreciated and I am using C++

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How to use floats with TrackBar
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using a TrackBar control. By default its values are int32. I would really like to use decimal values so the use can select at a more granular level. How can I get the TrackBar control to except floats?

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Meaning of trackbar
Category : Web Design

the function cvCreateTrackbar create the trackbar(slider)
with the specified name and range,,,
my question, what is the trackbar??

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How to reset the trackbar in Visual C#?
Category : C & C++ & C#

How do I force the slider in the trackbar to be in the leftmost position?

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Passing methods to a trackbar
Category : Programming Languages

This is an assignment.

Im creating a very simple image processing program in C# which allows a user to perform certain actions to a greyscale image.

The problem I am currently having is I need to have more than one method passed to a trackbar.
This would allow the trackbar to change the threshold value for any method called.

I have searched Google, but

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Edit trackbar value while paused
Category : Programming Languages

In the code below I've created a loop which keeps running till 'q' is pressed. I'm using trackbars to set 2 variables. However I want to create some sort of pause to set these trackbars before running through this loop. The getch() function however, freezes the entire program until I press a keyand doesn't allow me to edit the trackbars. Is it possible to create some sort of pause which does al

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C#: How to combine TrackBar with ProgressBar
Category : Programming Languages

Is there a reasonably simplistic way to combine a trackbar with a progress bar? What I'd like to be able to accomplish it so that the progressbar only goes up to the trackbar when a button is clicked. This is mainly for learning purposes but would be nice to know how to use it in a practical way as well.

Thanks in advance.

Like this.

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C# Trackbar custom colors
Category : Development Tools & Services

this might be a very global question but here we go:

I was wondering how I could make a trackbar like Virtualbox.
They have a trackbar that have custom colors at the bottom to show if you've assigned too much RAM to your virtual system.
Now my question is: How can I give my trackbar custom colors?
I have read something about e.graphics etc and overriding other funtions,

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How to Insert the Trackbar & Cover Into a BB
Category : Cars
Jeep Wrangler owners often install an inexpensive lift kit to increase ground clearance for off-roading. The kit is known to off-roaders as a "budget boost" or, for short, a "BB." Available in versions to raise the Jeep from 2 inches to more than 4 inches, BB kits typically consist of coil spring spacers, shock absorber adapters and rubber bump stops. The track bar, a factory

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How to move trackbar automatically
Category : Programming Languages

Hi I'm trying to make MP3 player with C# language and I'm facing a problem.

I want to make SeekBar with TrackBar. So, I want my thumb to move periodically.

But it seems like there's no proper function for me to use....

Is there anyone who knows how to do it??

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