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The Difference Between a Registered Trademark and an Unregistered Trademark
by mAuo in Business
A trademark shows the origin and ownership of a product or service (in which case it is called a service mark) by using a symbol, word or device. It is not a requirement to register a trademark. However, owners of registered trademarks have certain benefits, such as protection form unauthorized use of the trademark. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office oversees the registration and use of trademar

Can I Copy a Dead Trademark & Trademark It?
by Saurabh in Business
Businesses often use symbols, words and phrases known as trademarks to distinguish their goods and services from other companies. Trademarks are protected by intellectual property laws in the United States, which allows trademark owners to protect their marks from use by others. If, however, a trademark goes unused for an extended period of time, the previous owner may give up ownership rights, al

How to Trademark an Abandoned Trademark
by Matt Corr in Business
The owner of a trademark must renew its registration on a regular basis. If he fails to do so, then it will become "abandoned." If the owner of an abandoned trademark stops using the trademark, then it may be possible for another party to takeover the trademark. Registering an abandoned trademark is similar to registering any trademark, although you will want to check that it is, in fact, abandone

How To Trademark Something
by skulldrinker in Legal
Before you trademark something that you're making or selling--or that you intend to produce sometime in the future--you must register your trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (PTO). This federal agency looks over applications for all proposed trademarks to make sure that yours is one of a kind. After your trademark is registered through the PTO, you can put your trademark on

What Is a Trademark?
by Calve Martin in Business
Registering a new business helps to ensure that a second legal entity is not established in the same area with the same name. For example, if you open a bakery and register the company with the county, no other business in that county can operate under your business name. However, with a trademark, your business name, logo, or slogan can also be protected from use by other businesses. What a Tr
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Do It Yourself: Trademark
by Ka0t1x in Business
You don't need to register a brand name or logo with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to claim protection as a trademark. While registration offers further legal rights, a common-law trademark is recognized if you use the trademark in commerce. Yet it still requires due diligence on your part to discover if anyone is already using a similar mark. If your planned trademark can be confused with

Can You Trademark an LLC Name?
by Matt Brewer in Business
The name of a limited liability company, or LLC, can be trademarked, provided no one has established a trademark of that name first. A trademark can assure no one uses the same or similar name to identify knockoff products or services that could be mistaken for those your company provides. While trademark and copyright are often confused and mistakenly used interchangeably, when it comes to protec
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How to Use TM for Trademark
by hyperNURb in Legal
A trademark is a sign used by a person or company in order to distinguish their product from those from another company. This provides consumers with a visual or written shortcut so that they know the products have come from the same company. Trademarks can be anything from names, logos, symbols, images or any combination of those. However, in order for a person or company to us the "TM" symbol in
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How to Trademark
by Flip504 in Legal
A trademark is a form of legal protection in the business world, a type of intellectual property. No one else is supposed to use your trademarked name in a way that causes confusion with your product. And if they do, you can claim damages. A name can be trademarked, but so can symbols, logos, images, and in some cases, even special colors and sounds that identify specific products (like the NBC
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How to Get a Trademark
by mikk in Legal
A trademark is a legal designation that a product or service originates from one particular company or individual and is used to distinguish this product/service from those offered by competitors. A trademark is usually composed of a name, word, phrase, logo, design or a combination of these. A non-registered trademark is designated by ™, while a registered trademark uses the symbol ®.
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