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How to Transfer Files Between Computers Using Easy Transfer & External Hard Drive
by elmagistral in Computers
Windows Easy Transfer is a utility that allows you to move most of your data from an old Windows installation to your new computer. You have the option of transferring the data wirelessly over your home network, via a special Windows Easy Transfer cable or by using an external hard drive. You must first save the files from the old computer as a backup image and then restore that backup data to the

Azure OnDemand transfer doesn't transfer Local Storage Directories?
by tanknique in Programming Languages

I've configured Azure Diagnostics to transfer Local Storage (10MB, my custom log and dump data files). My periodic transfer of directory -> blob work just fine. It's the on-demand ones that don't seem to work. I manually created the blob as well as the queue but it's still a no go! The code that does the on-demand transfer is


public void StartOnDemandTra

How can I electronically transfer money to another account using Bank Transfer (BACS)
by Ever Daniel Barreto in Web Design

I'm working on a project where we collect payments from users using credit/debit/PayPal payments.

The service is taking payments from users on behalf of a 3rd party organisation.
Once we take the payment, minus fees, we want to transfer the amount to the organisations bank account.

For now, what we can do is pay the organisation using Online Banking BACS bank transf

How to Transfer Images to Stone or Metal Using Polaroid Transfer Technique
by jaset in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A three-dimensional surface can take on a new look with the right superimposed image. This technique will allow you to transfer a Polaroid image with virtually no equipment.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Spray Polyurethane Finish (for Metal)
Acrylic Matte Medium
Waxed Paper
Rubbing Alcohol (if Necessary)
2 Trays Or Pans
Contact Paper

How to Transfer an Image to Fabric Using Household Techniques & Transfer Paper
by baylisscg in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Make your own fabric clothing designs from your favorite images and photos using household techniques and transfer paper. You can transfer an image onto T-shirts and other articles of clothing with a few basic steps. Decorate fabric for pillows, tablecloths, quilts and other home decor fabrics using the same techniques. If you can print an image from your home computer, you can transfer it to any

How to Install and Use Windows Easy Transfer to Transfer Data
by Jim Davis in Computers
Windows Easy Transfer is a really great application that comes with Windows Vista. It is specifically designed to help transfer data between computers. Windows Easy Transfer enables you to transfer folders and files, user settings, email messages and settings, Internet settings, program settings and multimedia files such as your pictures, video and music.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions I

How to Transfer Dish DVRs With Easy Transfer Cable
by Topweasel in Electronics
A convenient feature of many DVR units like those offered by Dish Network is that they often feature USB and Firewire ports to connect an external SATA hard drive. Thus, if you fill up your DVR hard drive and are not able to make any new recordings, you can dump your current DVR recordings onto an external hard drive via a simple data cable connection and free up space on the DVR's internal drive.

The Differences Between a Federal Fund Transfer and a Wire Transfer
by Veliko in Culture & Society
The United States requires banks to hold a certain amount of cash in their reserves. The market and demand for funds can be hard to foresee, so in many cases, these reserves will have a surplus or deficit. In this scenario, banks with surpluses will loan funds to banks with a deficit so each can meet the reserve requirement. A wire transfer is an electronic shipment of funds that companies like We

How to Transfer Printed Images to Fabric With Transfer Paper
by TreVader in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Printed images and photographs can become a fabric pattern or a t-shirt design with the use of transfer paper and a color copier. Reprint a favorite photo and sew up a pillow for the family room. Put your favorite slogans and images on t-shirts or potholders. Or create a memory quilt composed of photographs of favorite locations, events and people. The images will be soft and touchable, and will p

How to transfer ascii modes using Jsch SFTP transfer?
by MadViking in Programming Languages

I am using JSch channelSftp file transfer which is transfering the file in binary mode. Can any one tell me how to set ascii mode?

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