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How to prevent FireFox 16 from converting rotate and scale transforms into matrix transforms?
Category : Web Design

In case Mozilla doesn't getting around to making their new changes in FireFox 16's rendering engine backward-compatible, how do I prevent the browser from converting CSS3 non-matrix transfroms into matrixes?

Below is an example of how this affects JavaScript-based animations, and why it's important to me.

Pasted from my support.mozilla.org question

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int transforms into int&?
Category : Programming Languages

code snippet:

// some code
SDL_Surface* t = Display->render_text(text);
int z=100;
// some more code

does not compile because z magically changes to an int&,
file.cpp:48: error: no matching function for call to ‘display::blit_image(SDL_Surface*&, int&, int)

how can this hap

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CSS Transforms in IE7
Category : Web Design

Hi am using css transform in scale property my code is like this

-webkit-transform: scale(1.05); /* Safari and Chrome */
-moz-transform: scale(1.05); /* Firefox */
-o-transform: scale(1.05); /* Opera */
-ms-transform: scale(1.05); /* IE 9 */
transform: scale(1.05);

Here not supported in ie7 letyou known the answer please reply

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ScaleTransform transforms non-linearly
Category : Development Tools & Services

I am using scale transform to allow a user to resize a control. What happens though is that when you start to move the mouse the control jumps to a new size, and then scales oddly. The further you move your mouse from the starting location the larger the increase in size becomes.

I expect its the way I calculate the scale to be applied. Here is the code:

private vo

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CSS animation with transforms only on the X axis
Category : Web Design

Is it possible to animate only the X axis with using a combination of CSS transition and transform, I want to use the translate3D value as its hardware accelerated on mobile.

The code below works great with my left to right animation however the issue comes when I try to interact with the element in any other way as I end up getting an unwanted animation as the transition is set t

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CSS Scaling Transforms and z-index
Category : Web Design

I have a div which when hovered scales up in size - This all works fine and looks great.

However, if one of divs I hover is close to the edge of the container, the scaled div does not overlay.


Before Hover:

On Hover:

As you can see the increased size div is behind the grey div.
I have tried playi

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Help with FFT(Fast Fourier Transforms) and/or DSP
Category : Programming Languages

Im trying to do a screen-flashing application, that flashes the screen according to the music(which will be frequencies, such as healing frequencies, etc...).
I already made the player and know how will I make the screen flash, but I need to make the screen flash super fast according to the music, for example if the music speeds up, the screen-flash will flash faster. I understand that I w

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How to chain/nest XSL Transforms in .NET
Category : Programming Languages

Context: .NET Framework 3.5

I realize how I can perform a single XML transformation using XSLT, but didn't find any good examples on chaining XML transformations.

- XML document as XPathDocument.
- File paths to multiple XSL files.

Expected output:
- preferably XPathDocument/IXPathNavigable, representing the XML with all transformations

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Linq to XML and multiple transforms
Category : Programming Languages

I'm having trouble groking something in Linq - maybe someone can give me some tips.

I have XML that I need to transform to new XML. The problem with this is that it is I need several iterations of transformation to get it right.

The source would look something like this:


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How to define different CSS transforms without stomping on each other
Category : Web Design

If one class adds a rotation to an element and another class adds a scale, how do I define those in CSS without them stomping on each other.

<!-- HTML snippet -->
<div class="class1 class2"></div>
/* CSS snippet */
.class1 { transform:rotate(45deg); }
.class2 { transform:scale(0.5); }

In the above example the div would on

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