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Firefox glitching CSS transistions
by PliotronX in Development Tools & Services


OK, this is what I have discovered about Firefox: Glitching can happen if you set transition states to activate on css:hover (in my case) for a one div then set further transition states to elements inside that container.

I need to work out a work around. As I want certain elements to be activated once your in that area of the div rather then having to hover

Screen transistions within Appixia mobile
by MikeG in Operating Systems

Is it possible to select, or to explain, how screen transitions work within the app generated by appixia? At the moment, it always seem to "slide" from one screen to the next, however, I have seen examples when the screen flips on the vertical axis. I am unable to duplicate this behaviour.

jQuery Mobile transistions on individual elements pagebefore change and page change
by Tristan in Coding

So, I am using jQuery Mobile and I'd like to animate individual elements on a page change both before and after the change. I set transitions to "none" in jQuery moblie then try to add class to css3 animate individual elements. It works on pagechange, so when you go to a new page the transition on the elements appears, but pagebeforechange happens to quickly and the animation is lost. Is there

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