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binary tree: user decides whether it should be a number tree or a word tree in c programming
by Longchao Dong in Programming Languages

in my assignment i have to create a binary tree where the user inputs the details.

the first thing the user does is enter 1 if they want to create a number tree or 2 if they want a word tree.

the type of tree they pick is the type it will be for the duration of the running of the program.

there are many functions (and a few structs) that must be written in or

How to Fasten a Tree House to a Tree Without Nailing Into the Tree
by mikk in Home & Garden
As motor skills sharpen, children become fascinated with climbing trees. Trees with low-hanging branches are ideal for tree houses, offering children a safe way to play in the trees. Building a tree house encourages children to prolong the time they spend outdoors and be creative by providing them with a private play space. Unfortunately, trees can be damaged and sustain long-term injuries if you

D3 Tree View, is key “children” required to properly display a tree
by Mai72 in Programming Languages

I have a JSON I'm getting from another source to display in D3 Tree View. The JSON is a tree structure but doesn't use the keyword "children" to define child nodes. I don't have any control over the incoming JSON and text denoting child nodes may change. Is D3 Tree View completely dependent upon the keyword "children" or does D3 have a way to use other strings to denote child nodes?

Generating a call tree or abstract syntax tree in a mixed source code?
by sReas in Programming Languages

I am looking for a tool to generate a call tree or abstract syntax tree from a mixed-source code, consisting primarily of FORTRAN (some 77, mostly 90) and C++ (with a smattering of plain-old C). Ideally it should be free/open source. On the commercially available end, I have seen Understand, are there others?

Edit I am using the Intel Fortran and C++ Compilers.

Also edit

Green Beetle Bugs Are Eating My Peach Tree, Lemon Tree & Tomatoes
by Tim Watson in Home & Garden
Japanese beetles are common pests of fruit trees and vegetable plants. Peach trees, lemon trees and tomato plants are often under attack from these green beetles. Japanese beetles cause damage to host plants while in both the larval stage, as well as the adult beetle stage, making them especially difficult to control. IdentificationJapanese beetles are native to Japan and are metallic green in

Selenium use a Tree class for expanding/clicking a node in a tree made with RichFaces
by enginecrew in Programming Languages

In Selenium RC I need to expand/click a node in a tree made with RichFaces. I have done a TreeUtil class, but at this point I am not sure how to click/expand a node (which I retrieve with this xpath: "//div[@id='foo:classTree']/div/div/table["+nodeLevel+"]/tbody/tr/td/div/a") using only a nodeNumber and a nodeLevel.

Anybody has any idea?

How to draw a tree structure? (A two-dimensional space allocation tree recursion algorithm?)
by beebob in Programming Languages

I have an arbitrary tree structure of nodes. I want to draw this tree to provide users a visual representation. I need to recurse over the tree and for each node add a graphic item to a list, and then just draw the list of items once tree recursion has finished. The recursion and drawing of items is of course trivial - what's a bit more complicated is how to position the graphic nodes so they

Interpreting a variable number of tree nodes in ANTLR Tree Grammar
by Jesse McDowell in Programming Languages

Whilst creating an inline ANTLR Tree Grammar interpreter I have come across an issue regarding the multiplicity of procedure call arguments.

Consider the following (faulty) tree grammar definition.

: ^(PROCEDURECALL procedureName=NAME arguments=expression*)
if(procedureName.equals("foo")) {

Design for tree data illustrated by a tree view with edit feature
by Jason Merrill in Programming Languages

I have a tree data structure, which is implemented with composite design pattern. I want to show it by a tree view in a GUI. By some event (such as double clicking a leaf in the tree view), a dialog corresponding to the data item is pop up to edit the item. Current I figured out a design to do it as following

// Data composite pattern.
class DataComponent {...};
class D

Finding father of node in Binary Tree converted from General Tree
by Elieder in Programming Languages

I am using the Binary Tree implementation of a General Tree, with the general algorithm that, the first son of a node is the "left" and any other siblings are the "right" of the first son.

What I'm trying to answer is, given a node p, how can I find the father of node p?

Here is a node (I'm traversing using a non-recursive way, thus the visited and parent attributes)


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