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How to Determine Day Trends Vs. Long-Term Trends in the FOREX Market
by Meski in Personal Finance
The foreign currency exchange (Forex) market is popular with both long-term investors as well as day traders. As with any financial market, trends can lead to substantially higher or lower prices over time. These trends may occur on a small time frame, such as over the course of few hours, which benefits active short-term traders seeking day trends, or they may appear as a long-term trend for "buy

How to Analyze Key Industry Trends & External Trends
by Georgia in Personal Finance
There are two major schools of thought regarding investment analysis: technical and fundamental. Technical analysis looks at historical trends in price and volume charts to find clues about the direction of the market in the future. Fundamental analysis looks at the value-based trends in the market and industry in which a company operates.
No matter what company you're investing in or consid

PC Industry Trends
by gorbiz in Business
The computer industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The industry's growth has reached maturity, meaning it is expected to have yearly success despite economic downswings. Much of this growth is driven by an increasing number of PC products integrated into other products, such as cars and telephones. Some areas of growth, however, such as PC gaming, are declining. Deprec
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How to Research Trends
by Simon Capewell in Business
Researching the market trends is as important as estimating the size of your current market. By knowing the trends that may affect the market in the future, you will know your business's continuing viability, the available strategic opportunities in the market and the responses a company must use to adapt to the changing behavior of customers. With enough research, you can distinguish hearsay from
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Getting trends from raw data
by snackie in Programming Languages

Let we have many data which looks like

chain of digits time
23 67 34 23 54 | 12:34
23 54 | 12:42
78 96 23 | 12:46
56 93 23 54 | 12:48

I need to found numbers chain trends (grow, fall, stable) . In my example it might be 23 54 or 23.
Also i want to found different corelations between trends. Data is very big. It mig

Can't get Twitter trends using PHP
by DMasterX in PHP

So I'm trying to make a fairly simple php script that fetches the latest worldwide trends from Twitter. Most of the code comes from another StackOverflow post, with some minor modifications. Unfortunately, regardless what I try, all I get is:

{"errors":[{"message":"Could not authenticate you","code":32}]}

Yet this same code works just fine to get timelines, g

Getting trends in Twitterizer C#
by Waynew in C & C++ & C#

I am looking to display the current Twitter trends using Twitterizer. I am using the following code to try to generate the 10 current trends but when running the code, it displays all 10 MessageBoxes as it should but the value is "Twitterizer.TwitterTrend" and not the actual trend.

TwitterResponse<TwitterTrendCollection> tr;
tr = TwitterTrend.Trends(1);

Hip Hop Trends in the 1980s
by cbridi in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Hip hop fashion trends in the 1980s were all about getting attention, from the multicolored track suits with high tops of the East Coast rappers to the stripped down chinos and white T-shirts of the West Coast gangster rappers. The flashy 1980s fashion reflected the bombastic, brash attitudes of the then break-out music style. FootwearIn their 1987 song, "Sounds of Science," The Beastie Boys sa
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New Market Trends
by Martin Koch in Business
While marketing trends are difficult to predict, taking a look at current technology and extrapolating can give investors an idea of what areas are going to heat up and what areas are going to cool off. Social networking will mostly continue to be an integral part of most marketing, and marketers would be advised to watch areas that cater to the baby boomers, who are once again becoming a very pow
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Furniture Trends
by Douglas Stockwell in Home & Garden
While it may seem that furniture trends change drastically with each season, few have the resources to reinvent an entire home with each passing fashion. As of the end of 2010, however, furniture design is seeing a refreshing mix of globally inspired and vintage pieces with an emphasis on furnishing with individual, eclectic tastes in mind over any trends. The rules about sticking with uniform per
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