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How to Use a Camera Adapter Tube With the Sky-Watcher SK1206AZ3 Short Tube Refractor Telescope
by Colin Henry in Electronics
One of the main reasons for using a telescope is advanced photography. A telescope can be attached to a camera for high quality detailed photos. The Sky-Watcher SK1206AZ3 Short Tube Refractor Telescope also offers such functionality. However, when using a camera with the short tube refractor telescope, you have to attach a camera adapter tube, especially while photographing near objects. A camera

Round Tube Vs. Square Tube Frame
by mhedberg in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Steel tubes are used for a wide variety of structural framing applications. Framing tubes provide stability, uniformity, strength and soundness to structures that endure a great amount of stress. Round Steel TubeRound steel tubes are used in farm equipment, construction equipment, race car frames, motorcycle frames, automotive parts and off-road dune buggies. Heavy equipment requires strength a

How to Make a Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger
by textmate in Home & Garden
The traditional process of wine making is embracing 21st century technology. The application of science has transformed an industry that has evolved for thousands of years, helping each vintage to produce the best possible quality and yield. Thermodynamic advances have brought predictability to process temperatures, and wineries can keep fermentation processes at optimal levels by using heat excha

How to Calculate for a Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger
by mitry in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A tube-in-tube, or tubular, heat exchanger is constructed using a smaller tube inside a larger one, to transfer heat from one fluid to another. Two fluids with different temperatures flow either parallel or countercurrently through each tube. A tubular heat exchanger's flexible design, temperatures and pressures can handle high-particulate flows, is resistant to fouling and is easy to maintain.

How to Troubleshoot a Tube Amplifier Burning Out a Tube
by Apejoy in Electronics
Tube amplifiers provide a warm tone and are often a first choice for those considering purchasing an amplifier. Tube amplifiers all require regular maintenance which can be as simple as replacing the output and preamp tubes regularly to maximize the life of the amplifier. Failure to do regular maintenance can create malfunction and poor performance. There are a couple of steps that can be done

How to Unclog a G-Tube Feeding Tube
by rbonestell in Health
Gastrostomy tubes (G-tubes) can get clogged, making feeding impossible. Regular preventive care of a G-tube reduces the likelihood of clogs, but it does not eliminate clogs 100 percent of the time. Some people are more prone to clogs than others. It is important to remove a clog as soon as it is noticed. G-tube clogs can often be removed at home. When home care fails to remove clogs, medical atten

How to Connect a Copper Water Tube to a Flex Tube & Water Filter for Ice Maker
by Lori in Home & Garden
Connecting different types of tubing to an ice maker's water filter presents a challenge. Compression fittings are a good choice to use when connecting different types of tubing. Ferrules are similar to thick washers and help to seal the tubing in the compression fitting. Use plastic ferrules when connecting plastic tubing and brass ferrules when connecting metal pipes such as copper or stainless

How do I Connect a Copper Water Tube to a Flex Tube & Water Filter?
by Neuromaster in Home & Garden
The advent of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing has made it easy for homeowners to carry out complex DIY projects without hiring a professional plumber. In addition, by using specialized Apollo or Sharkbite fittings, any combination of CPCV, PEX and copper tubing can be joined without using solder, glue, and in many cases, clamps or unions. Although specialized tools are required, the flexibi

What Is the Difference Between Fender Tube Amps Vs. Vox Tube Amps?
by Krysole in Arts & Entertainment
Fender and Vox tube amps are revered by guitarists around the globe for their sound and features. With both companies still producing new models, vintage models have always commanded high prices. Country of OriginHigher-end Fender amplifiers are made in the United States by Fender Musical Instrument Company of California, while lower-priced models are manufactured overseas. Vox amplifiers were

How to Rig a Tube Jig
by sgmichelsen in Sports & Fitness
Many fishermen consider tube jigs to be finesse baits that work best under tough fishing conditions. While they shine in such situations – during cold fronts, for example – they also work well when fished as weedless baits in heavy cover. Tube jigs have dozens of tentacles that hang from their bodies and undulate in the water. In addition, they fall erratically through the water, which
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