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PHPUnit tutorial? Or more general - unit testing tutorial worth recommending?
by Caveman in Programming Languages

I'm looking for a tutorial which explains why and how to write useful unit tests. Specifically I'm interested in PHPUnit, however any more general might be a good one to explain that. Please note that I'm not looking for technical information on how to use PHPunit - rather the tutorial on the way of thinking!

Nap Mat Tutorial
by Matt Brewer in Parenting
Making your own nap mat, instead of buying one retail, can save you money and be a fun project. Consider a few things before embarking on a nap mat. Cost comparisonHow much do you want to spend?money money money image by Tribalstar from Fotolia.comWhen choosing a tutorial for a nap mat, make sure to figure the costs of all supplies, and check that against how much a ready-made mat sells for. If
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PC Anywhere Tutorial
by OGG in Computers
PcAnywhere is a remote desktop program created by Symantec. The program enables users to access their personal computers from other computers that are connected to the Internet. You must first set up the host computer and then the remote device. Once connected, you can control your PC as though you were right in front of it remotely.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Set Up the Host ComputerCli

SQL VBA Tutorial
by toutatis in Computers
Structured Query Language (SQL) is the computer language used for managing relational databases. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is the programming language developed by Microsoft to use with the Microsoft Office applications to create dynamic content. Microsoft Access is the database program inside of the Microsoft Office suite that uses both SQL and VBA to manage data and provide automation
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C MDI Tutorial
by Vietnam in Computers
Multiple Document Interface (MDI) is an application architecture that allows the user to open multiple "documents" or windows of the same form, dialog or module without having to load multiple instances of the application. Microsoft's Visual C++ package includes Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) that make creating an MDI application very easy. A Single Document Interface (SDI) application has one
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VNC 4 Tutorial
by Michiel Overtoom in Computers
Many computer users wish they could log in to a home computer while at work to listen to a CD or play a game on lunch break. We all know how convenient it would be to be able to access a family member's computer to repair it, rather than trying to troubleshoot over the phone. What many people don't know is just how easy these scenarios are to accomplish. RealVNC 4 is a free application that makes
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VBS Tutorial
by tanknique in Computers
Visual Basic Scripting (VBS or VBScript) is a plain text coding procedure that allows interaction with a Windows client machine. VBS is typically used as a way to set client machine settings from the server when the user logs into the network. Tutorials on this language help developers learn how to write the code, install the script and implement security. SignificanceVBS is a small, lightweigh
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Tutorial On JMS
by seph87 in Computers
The Java Messaging Service allows the sending and receiving of messages between clients. Messaging services are different from other technologies, as they are not required to know a remote partner's access methods. Messaging services are also different from email, as interactions between messages do not necessarily occur.
Sun designed the JMS Application Program Interface (API) to provide a c
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Tutorial for 2D CAD
by Mihai Mocanu in Computers
The term "CAD" is an acronym for computer aided design, which refers to the broad approach that many architects, engineers and other designers use to produce the high-precision graphics needed for their work. Learning to use two dimensional (2D) CAD includes learning the component skill of 2D navigation, so you can inspect your drawing from different viewpoints. Another component skill in 2D desig
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XML API Tutorial
by cthulhup in Internet
Extensible markup language, or XML, is used by programmers when they need to transfer data in a specific and customizable format. Creating XML documents that can be used with application programming interfaces (APIs) is a relatively easy and straightforward process. No matter what stage you're at in your programming career, knowing how to create XML documents compatible with APIs can be a useful p
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