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Is this a bug? : I get “ The type … is not a complex type or an entity type” in my WCF data service using the Reflection provider
by Kubla Khan in Programming Languages

When invoking a query on the data service I get this error message inside the XML feed:

<m:message xml:lang="nl-NL">Internal Server Error. The type 'MyType' is not a complex type or an entity type.</m:message>

When I use the example described here in the art

Avoiding “Target type 'type name' is not convertible to base type System.String”
by krs in Programming Languages

I am using ReSharper 6.1.1 and having the solution wide analysis enabled in my project shows up with an error:

Target type 'CustomControls.XSButton' is not convertible to base type System.String

The code compiles and runs fine since a built in TypeConverter in WPF takes care of this, shortly described in a ReSharper bug report.

Note that the XSButton<

How to add multiple generic type constraints for a type parameter in VS 2010 UML Class Diagram parameterized type?
by Steven Weber in Programming Languages
namespace ConsoleApplication8
public class Foo<T>
where T : IFoo, IFoo2
public Foo(T fooThing)
public interface IFoo
string Name {get;}
public interface IFoo2
string Name2 {get;}

Casting generic to interface type - Unable to cast object of type 'System.RuntimeType' to type
by Silverforce11 in Programming Languages

I have some classes like this:

public class Customer
{ }
public interface IRepository
{ }
public class Repository<T> : IRepository
{ }
public class CustomerRepository<Customer>
{ }

Then, as per the answer to this question I can use reflection to get a list of types referenced by generics for each of my *Reposito

App Engine 1.7.5 “TypeError: <type 'str'> has type <type 'str'>, but expected one of: int, long, bool”
by nobodyzzz in Web Design

I am getting the following stack trace in production on AppEngine 1.7.5 when sending .put() to an NDB object. The code works fine in a local development instance. Has anyone else experienced this?

File "/python27_runtime/python27_lib/versions/1/google/appengine/ext/ndb/model.py", line 3187, in _put
return self._put_async(**ctx_options).get_result()
File "/python27_

Compile Error: Cannot implicitly convert type to type, random characters added to name of one type (WCF)
by lockdown571 in Development Tools & Services

I have a project using WCF which was working fine, but I moved the code to another machine and now it will not compile. I get errors for lines of code like this, where I instantiate a class and then call a service client:

FlooringReportingServiceClient.FlooringReportingServiceClient client = new FlooringReportingServiceClient.FlooringReportingServiceClient();

Getting a Method may only be called on a Type for which Type.IsGenericParameter is true. On a overload type in my ViewModel
by wraith in Programming Languages

Here is the Property in the Base Class

[ReadOnly(true), Display(GroupName = "Payment Details")]
public virtual GridViewModel<PaymentDetails> Details { get; set; }

Here is the Property in the Inherited Class

[Display(AutoGenerateField = false, AutoGenerateFilter = false), ScaffoldColumn(false)]
public override GridViewModel&l

Converting Generic Type into reference type after checking its type using GetType(). How?
by Jan D in Programming Languages

i am trying to call a function that is defined in a class RFIDeas_Wrapper(dll being used).
But when i checked for type of reader and after that i used it to call function it shows me error Cannot convert type T to RFIDeas_Wrapper.


private List<string> GetTagCollection<T>(T Reader)

Checking if a type supports an implicit or explicit type conversion to another type with .NET
by kaktos in Programming Languages

Imagine you've been given two System.Type's and you want to determine if there is an implicit or explicit type conversion from one to the other.

Without specifically checking for the static methods is there a built in method to determine that the type supports either or these conversions?

I know this is a brief body to a question but I think the scenario is relatively e

How to force function parameter to be the same type and not allow using the type constructor to match the given type?
by kharakawa in Programming Languages

I was a bit surprised finding out this feature in C++, and I didn't expect it to happen.

Here is the code:

struct XY {
int x,y;
XY(int v) : x(v), y(v) {}
bool test1(const XY &pos){
return pos.x < pos.y;
bool test1(int x, int y){
return x < y;
void functest(){
int val = 5;

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