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What Source of Energy Ultimately Drives Nitrogen Cycle?
by luv2liv in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The nitrogen cycle is a dynamic process that involves many steps and several changes in the form and reactive potential of nitrogen. It is a cyclical process that is not ultimately driven by one source of energy. Rather, it is comprised of several phases and is governed by the needs of plants and soil microbes. Atmospheric NitrogenNitrogen is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere, comprising

How to use an action in a form, but still ultimately redirect to the original URL, as smoothly as possible
by Derek in Web Design

I'm using Django but being crazy and submitting forms with Javascript and stuff.

I have a form that has an action that's only there because I couldn't get it to process the data I wanted correctly (that is, I'm using the action URL to redirect to two different parts of a view that each do what I want). It's working great, except after using the forms I see the URL www.example

Does the clone() system call ultimately rely on fork functionality?
by davidg in Operating Systems

For a class I'm taking I've been doing some work directly with the clone() system call in Linux. I got curious about how it actually worked and started doing some digging. What is confusing me is that it seems to rely on some of the same underpinnings as fork() functionality (they call the same do_fork() function albeit with different arguments). On one

create bootable sdcard for embedded board which will ultimately run android
by Murali Ravipudi in Android


I designed an embedded system and I ported Android Gingerbread to run on it. I use an ARM Cortex-A8 based CPU module that has the CPU, SDRAM, NANDFLASH on it and all the rest available on module pins so I can add my own hardware interfaces. The first one came with u-boot pre-installed. All I had to do to install my Gingerbread was to place the 4 images (kernel.img, system.

Automating cygwin commands in windows command line (and ultimately in MsBuild)
by Oli in Operating Systems

I have a situation where I have a few cygwin commands which I wish to be run in Windows command line e.g.

chmod 777 /home/administrator/*

Currently I have to manually type in cygwin.bat, then enter the above command in cygwin. I was wondering whether it is possible (and if so, how) to have these steps automated in Windows command line?


Making a half-elliptical path in MATLAB from three input points through 3D space, to be fed into Visual Studio and ultimately a robotic arm
by Fenix Drakken in Coding

First, a little bit about my set up: I have a robotic arm into which points and movement patterns can be programmed into. The goal is to get it to move in certain ways based on the inputs that we put into it.

On the same table as the robotic arm is another arm that moves under human power and can sense where it is in space. The two arms share a coordinate system already, but I am ha

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