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Rails 3.2.9/nginx/unicorn, old unicorn processes sticking around after deploy
by Mark in Programming Languages

I just launched a new app on a 512MB VPS slice (Ubuntu 12.04). I'm trying out the nginx/unicorn stack for the first time, I more or less followed Ryan Bates' Railscast for the deployment, which went reasonably well.

After I deploy any changes with capistrano:

Changes I make to any erb files are not reflected in production, and
Seems like old unicorn processes are stick

How to Get the Unicorn to Jump in The Enchanted Unicorn
by ozymandius42 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Enchanted Unicorn is an adventure game for PCs published and developed by Viva Media. It takes players on a magical adventure as they attempt to solve various puzzles and defeat evil in a quest to restore balance to the forest. A player's primary companion in this game is one of a number of unicorns, which allow the player to ride around. As with any computer game, figuring out the controls to

What Is a Unicorn Hitch?
by Surya in Sports & Fitness
The unicorn hitch uses a team of three horses to draw a cart, wagon, buggy or other load. Two horses are harnessed to the wheel of the cart, while the other horse leads from the front. This configuration is also known as the crossbow hitch, the arbalete hitch or the arblest hitch. Original UseThe unicorn hitch was originally used to add power to a two-horse team. If a load is too weighted do
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Unicorn Art Projects
by slippysoup in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Legends of unicorns have existed for thousands of years, one of the oldest being a popular Chinese legend that describes Emperor Fu Hsi as the first person to ever see a unicorn. Although the exact detail of what a unicorn is varies from culture to culture, the idea of the unicorn has long inspired artists, poets, writers, children. Unicorn art projects can be used to teach children about how th
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How to Design a Unicorn
by php in Hobbies, Games & Toys
If you or someone you know is a unicorn enthusiast, you can try designing your own unicorn as art piece to keep or give as a gift. Since unicorns are fantasy creatures, they can come in any color or theme that you want. Before beginning to design your unicorn, you should have a clear idea of the look of your unicorn in your mind. The supplies you need for this project are found where craft supplie
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Unicorn Activities
by Hosein Mohtasham in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The modern unicorn is a beautiful and magical creature. The one-horned, horse-like animal has captivated the imagination of humanity for generations. This beast has been a staple of fantasy and legend for hundreds of years and has appeared in numerous TV shows, movies and books. Weaving a unicorn into daily activities can please both kids and adults alike. Drawing UnicornsDrawing a unicorn c

How to Get the Unicorn to Like Me in Scribblenauts
by Icecold in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Scribblenauts" is an adventure puzzle video game released by 5th Cell and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the Nintendo DS in 2009. In this game, you can write down a word and have its physical object appear in the game, and this is necessary to solve many life situation puzzles. In World 4-3, you must return a unicorn to some druids, but it does not initially like you enough to ride it

Uses for False Unicorn
by Czech Republic in Health
False unicorn, or Chamaelirium, is a perennial herb found within the eastern United States. Chamaelirium is part of the Melanthiaceae family. False unicorn root was used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes. The root of the plant is used to treat problems with the reproductive system and digestive systems. Little scientific research has been done on the effects of false unicorn, but it is st
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How to Create a Unicorn
by Dean in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Use any horse figurine you like to create your own unicorn figurine. Polymer clay is ideal for making a unicorn horn, because it comes in colors like white, silver and gold -- usually the colors of the unicorns' horns.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Polymer clay
Cookie sheet
Conventional oven
Epoxy or hot glue
Horse figurine


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Fun Unicorn Games
by Spasas in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Many children find unicorns intriguing. When planning a birthday party or gathering for children who adore the mythical creatures, be sure to create a few games for them to play. Awarding unicorn-themed prizes to game winners will encourage the children to play along. With a few supplies and some game ideas, you have everything you need to create games about the animals portrayed as white horses w
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