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Is it possible to integrate c++ unit tests into a maven build process and if yes with which unit testing framework
Category : C & C++ & C#

We are planning to integrate our native c++ projects into a maven build process. Further we want to formulate unit tests that are run automatically using the standard maven syntax (as for java unit tests) also for the c++ projects. Is this possible with c++ unit testing frameworks and if yes, which framework integrates well with maven ?

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How Do I Develop a Business Unit Plan to Expand Coronary Care Unit Capacity?
Category : Health
The decision to expand a hospital coronary unit requires careful planning and long-range forecasting. You need to consider additional space, cost, personnel, equipment and marketing requirements. Plan for unexpected contingencies that can affect your hospital's return on this investment. A profitable expansion is likely to succeed to the extent a demand for the added services exists or can be cre

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Resharper - runs all unit tests (cannot run a single unit test only using Ctrl +R, T )
Category : Web Design

I cannot run/debug only a single unit test using Ctrl + R, T after installing Resharper 5 (used to be able to do that before). It now runs all of my unit tests. Any idea what is going on?

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About unit test, I want to ask that what kind of function/method we can use as unit testing object
Category : Software

I am beginner of unit testing so I want to ask what kind of function/method we can use as unit testing object.

I want unit test sharepoint code which written on C#.

By the way, I don't ask about unit testing framework. I want to know that what kind of function I can use as unit test object.


// function that return a value.
string getT

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android layout_gravity - how to align ad unit to bottom and place buttons just above the ad unit
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to get the buttons and ad unit to be at the bottom of the screen, with the buttons directly above the ad unit. But the buttons are still in the middle of the page. Any ideas?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<RelativeLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"

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How do I output coloured text from by unit tests in the R# Unit Test Session window in Visual Studio?
Category : Programming Languages

How do I output coloured text from by unit tests in the ReSharper Unit Test Session window in Visual Studio. I am using Resharper VS addin which I think produces the Unit Test Window.

I am using this with nunit and wish to use c# Console.Write to generate coloured text to this window.

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Rails unit tests: How to add my own output to unit test results
Category : Programming Languages

When running Rails unit tests I get output specifying line numbers and methods when a test fails, e.g.:

1) Failure:
[./helper/helper.rb:6:in `handle_assert'
./helper/helper.rb:17:in `check_not_string'
./helper/helper.rb:134:in `check_for_ajax_remove_string'
javascript.rb:39:in `test_05

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Run Ruby Unit Tests(Test::Unit) inside the Code
Category : Programming Languages

Does anybody know how I do run a unit test(Test::Unit) within Ruby code itself? I couldn't find anything online to help me out. As we all know, you run unit tests from the command line by executing "ruby your_test_name.rb' I basically don't want to run from the command line but I want to run within the ruby code itself. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Running multiple Unit Tests in an unit test project
Category : Programming Languages

I am currently working on a project using C# and Visual Studio 2012.

I have a hard time trying to figure out why VS 2012 does not want to run all of my tests.

I have one test projects which runs 1 unit test out of 2. No matter what I've tried, it does not want to run the other unit test. It is not detected via the Test Explorer, the "Not Run" test does not include the fi

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OpenJPA, Jersey, JUnit: Using a different persistence unit for my unit tests?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm building an application using OpenJPA 2.0.0, Jersey 1.3, and JUnit 4.8.1.

I've set it up so I have two different persistence units defined in my persistence.xml: "default" and "unittest." Default is set up to connect to an Oracle instance, while unittest is set up to connect to a local H2DB embedded database file. I do this so that I always start my unit tests with a clean dat

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