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How to unite the two queries
by M0dusFRee in Programming Languages


SELECT IFNULL(parent, id) as p
FROM article_comments
WHERE article_id = 3


foreach ($result AS $data)
$parents .= $data['p'] . ',';


IFNULL(parent, id) AS p,
IFNULL(reply_comment_id, id) AS r
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How to Unite Friends
by zclin in Relationships & Family
Having multiple groups of friends can be time consuming and difficult to maintain. It can be challenging to choose to spend time with one friend over another, and give them equal amounts of your time. You can unite your friends by hosting social events at your home, or local areas in your town to allow your friends to get to know each other. Being able to spend time with more of your friends at on
TAGS : Unite Friends

How to Unite With My Family
by Traut in Relationships & Family
An unfortunate occurrence in many families is a slow or sudden dissolution of a relationship. Whether the break occurs due to hurt feelings or a lack of commonality between parties, a family dispute can be heartbreaking for all people involved. When looking to mend a broken relationship and unite the family as a whole, it is important to open communication and keep the process moving at a slow a
TAGS : Unite With Family

How to Unite a Cheerleading Squad
by Patastroph in Sports & Fitness
You can avoid squabbles and other disputes by uniting your cheerleading squad early on. Before you get too far into the season, try these bonding activities. A united cheerleading squad is one that works well together and encourages one another.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need

Write in "YES" books at the end of each practice. Each cheerl

What Were the Five Nations of the Iroquois and Why Did They Unite?
by William Burke in Culture & Society
The Five Nations of the Iroquois, also known as the Iroquois League, was a confederation of Native American tribes in the northeastern region of North America. This confederation, formed prior to widespread European colonization, was instrumental in the conflict between the French and English for control of large areas of North America. The TribesThe five tribes of the Five Nations of the Iroqu

mysql query unite 2 columns
by mikieb in Databases

I have a table friends with 4 columns (id, sender, receiver, status) and I need a query that will unite (reunion, I dont know the word in english) the sender and receiver colums.
For example the table looks like this

| sender | receiver |
| 2 | 10 |
| 2 | 8 |
| 2 | 9 |
| 6 | 2 |
| 7 | 3 |

How to Reset Your Opera Unite Password
by ERaubenheimer in Internet
Opera Unite is an online service for sharing and connecting content with other users. It is run by Opera Software and requires the Opera web browser.
Opera Unite shares a common email/username and password with other Opera services, such as Opera Link. Changing or resetting the password for any of these services will change or reset the password for them all.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Thi

Can I unite matlab and autocad into one system
by IHateMyJob2004 in Programming Languages

I need unite in one automatic system. Which application should be used for that if that possible

How to build Opera unite like functionality using .NET?
by el3ctron in Programming Languages

How to build Opera unite like functionality using .NET?

When we run opera browser and enable the opera unite then it shares our desktop on web and we can access it over internet without having a static IP, how does this works?

Could asp.net unite autocad and mathcad or matlab system?
by brennen in ASP & ASP.net

Needs that autocad uses value from mathcad or matlab? Could I use for it asp.net?

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