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Porting Windows socket program to Unix: Alternative for winsock32 APIs in unix
by mrmt in Programming Languages

In Socket Programming, how will a Unix thread receive a Socket CLOSE event from a client if connection is closed?

Are there any API's which will notify the unix thread about the CLOSE event received?

As in Windows we have WSAEnumNetworkEvents API which gets the event notification for a specified socket descriptor. What will be the equivalent API used in the Unix socket p

running r scripts or commands with interpretor in unix for unix-layman
by TRobison in Operating Systems

I am layman to unix and sofar I using R in windows. For example I type following in my R session (in R gui).

# this is a my funny example script
X <- 1:10
Y <- 21:30
plot(X, Y)
myfun <- function (x){
x1 <- x^0.2
return (x1)

How can I achieve this in unix

GIT CRLF to LF - git parent repo on UNIX and clones on both windows and unix
by flakekun in Operating Systems

This question is somewhat similar to my other question,

So here is what am looking for with the below architecture.
1. MY parent repository (bare and data) is on a UNIX machine.
2. I can clone my repository in a UNIX machines.
3. I can clone

Need to add logic in Unix script convert from Windows to Unix format
by Gábor in Operating Systems

I am having one script need to add logic that if some one add file from winscp and do not convert into plain text while transfer. so some time we get some special character (^m) in some value, i wanted to remove them
Here is my code.

if [ $SHELL_STEP = 'step2' ]; then
if [ -s $DATA_DIR/$DATA_FILE.txt ]; then echo "The data file is present." cat -v ne

Easy understanding of UNIX and UNIX shell scripting!
by sReas in Operating Systems

I am beginner to UNIX,UNIX Shell Scripting.

Can you please guide me through any excellent sites for unix(which are easy to understand),some study materials(tutorials),video tutorials.

Please help!!


Nginx: Difference between unix:/ and unix:///
by lewing in Web Design

What ist the exactly difference between:

uwsgi_pass unix:/foo/bar.sock


uwsgi_pass unix:///foo/bar.sock

in a nginx cfg for a uwsgi pass ?

What is the better choice for a django production environment ?

Invoke a unix shell from java program?read and write a steady stream of data to and from a unix pipe from java program
by jch in Java

I have 2 questions

1) how do I i invoke a unix shell from a java.runtime library to run a command like this

Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(commands);

cat alias > bias

2) How can I read and write to a unix pipe a steady stream of data from java.
Do i have to make all the system calls like open read write to a pipe

I basic

by textmate in Operating Systems

I need to install GIT on a UNIX IBM-AIX server OS.

But when I went to the git website I could not find the download for UNIX OS.

Where can i download the same.


About Unix
by erlang in Computers
UNIX is one of many operating systems available for use on personal computers, servers and networks. Some deem it to be more efficient and reliable than other systems on the market.
The UNIX operating system is known for its lightweight features and ability to integrate smoothly with other operating systems. The FactsUNIX is a computer operating system used on servers, workstations and per
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How to use CVS on Unix
by unadopted in Operating Systems

I'm quite pretty new to the concept of CVS. However, I want to start using CVS and thus need to 'check-in' some scripts. I'm using a UNIX server and I know that CVS is installed, since doing a

cvs -v

Gives me the correct version number installed. Now the problem I have in is finding documentation to use CVS. Is there an online tutorial/FAQ someone can recomm

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