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What Happens When You Have Unlocked Everything on the Wii Fit?
by Dan Lowe in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Wii Fit" is an exercise game for the Nintendo Wii video game system. This interactive game includes strength training, yoga, aerobic exercise and balance games. There are numerous exercises to unlock on "Wii Fit," and when you are finished with them, you can advance to "Wii Fit Plus," an improved extension of "Wii Fit." Even when everything is unlocked on "Wii Fit," the game is not over, as you c

How Can I Buy an Unlocked Htc G1?
by Spasas in Electronics
The HTC G1 has been discontinued as of July 2010, and some owners are selling their phones to upgrade. Unlocked G1 phones, made for use on GSM networks, can be used on any GSM carrier. You can purchase an unlocked HTC G1 or purchase a locked one and unlock it yourself.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Browse local classified ad websites. Local cellular phone repair business sometimes sell
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How Do I Set Up an Unlocked E71 on AT&T?
by oferrer in Electronics
Wireless cell phone providers try their best to offer compelling phones that their customers will like. Some people may be looking for a phone that the provider does not carry. Fortunately, these users can purchase unlocked phones. An unlocked phone can be used on multiple cell phone carriers under an existing service plan. The E71 is a smartphone developed by Nokia that can be used on the AT&T ne
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How to Put a PIN on an Unlocked Phone
by Edwin41 in Electronics
You can protect the SIM card in your cellphone even if your phone is unlocked. Unlocking your cellphone does not compromise the main settings on the phone's operating system even though the unlocking process allows it to access different wireless networks. Therefore, the process to lock the SIM card by adding a PIN code is the same whether your cellphone is locked or unlocked. A PIN code will prev
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How to Update a 2G to a 3.1.2 and Keep It Unlocked
by vik in Electronics
Jailbreaking is a process that alters the iPhone operating system (iOS) to allow it to run with unauthorized third-party applications. Unlocking is the process that allows the iPhone work on any service provider network of your choice. The operating system firmware version 3.1.2 is the highest version for the iPhone, including the 2G version iPhone, that allows most jailbreaking/unlocking applicat

How to Find Out if an HTC Is Unlocked
by Iron Woode in Electronics
HTC smartphone's are becoming more popular. Unlocking an HTC allows you to have the freedom of not being tied down to one specific carrier. You are free to try different carriers until you are sure which is right for you. Instead of buying another phone, you can simply unlock the one you already have. Another advantage to having an unlocked HTC phone is the ability to download other carrier's appl
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How do I Get an Unlocked iPhone 3G?
by Dittmar in Electronics
The iPhone is one of the leading smartphones on the market. While AT&T provides service to most areas in the United States, the appeal of owning an unlocked iPhone (one that's not necessarily tied to AT&T) can be pretty strong.
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How to Use Unlocked GSM Phones
by Sweden in Electronics
There are many advantages to having an unlocked GSM phone. The biggest is that you can use your phone with many different providers in many different nations. All you need is a SIM card of that provider.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Unlocked GSM phone
Active SIM card

Open the part of your phone housing the SIM card. This is often (but not al

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How to Use an Unlocked iPhone
by msmy300z in Electronics
Unlocking or jailbreaking your iPhone is a procedure which allows you to use it in conjunction with any carrier's SIM card. Jailbreaking isn't illegal, but manufacturers discourage it; it voids Apple's device warranty, in fact. Unlocking, on the other hand, requires a code from Apple and is therefore a legitimate procedure. If you have an unlocked phone or if you purchase an unlocked or jailbroken
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What Happens to an Unlocked iPhone?
by Londo_Jowo in Electronics
When you purchase an iPhone legitimately in the United States, you do so along with a service contract with either AT&T or Verizon Wireless. Both carriers "lock" the devices you purchase from them so you can only use them on their networks. It's possible to "jailbreak" or unlock your AT&T iPhone the same way you might an ordinary cellphone if you want to use it in connection with another carrier,

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