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MacPorts is unusable
by snapshooter in Web Design

I've recently installed MacPorts as explained on MacPorts website. All the process went well. The .profile file in my home directory has been updated (in this file the paths "/opt/local/bin" and "/opt/local/sbin" are added to the environment variable PATH) and all the macports files are in the directory "/opt". When I type "which port" in the shell, it returns "/opt/local/bin/port".

PHPStorm unusable after crash
by php in Programming Languages

Today PHPStorm crashed out of the blue during some Javascripting.

After restart, nothing works: I can't open preferences nor files.

Files are no longer associated with Editors:

I restarted my MAC and have reinstalled PHPStorm - no luck. Since the latter did remember my registration details, I assume I missed something on deleting PHPStorm.

C# - Yield gives an unusable type
by Henschkowski in Development Tools & Services

I have a class and a set of IEnumerables that are using this class to give me a list in a list. (See this question's answer for details.)

Here is the code:

public IEnumerable<IEnumerable<WorkItemColumn>> EnumerateResultSet(WorkItemCollection queryResults)//DisplayFieldList displayFieldList)
foreach (WorkItem workItem in queryResults)

ExtAudioFileWrite producing unusable m4a aac files
by TwiceOver in Mobile Programming

I am trying to convert a mono linear pcm file to an aac file. After much struggle I finally got it out output using the below settings, but now the file won't play. I really don't know where to look - all of the examples I have found are similar to what I already have.

All of the samples I have seen have destFormat.mBytesPerPacket = 0 but I can't get it to write then (I get a -66567

How to Troubleshoot an RCA Television With an Unusable Signal
by cyclohexane in Electronics
If you use an RCA television to view programming, you may occasionally run into image issues where the picture on the TV is unusable (such as from snow, or the station doesn't even appear on the screen). This is an issue you can typically correct yourself without the aid of a technician. However, the issue may be with your cable/satellite service provider, in which case you cannot fix the problem

(Qt) Unusable window after one button click
by mikk in Development Tools & Services

I have a window with many buttons. Each one triggers a sub-program (written using the Opencv API). Each sub-program displays images and stuff on windows.

The problem is, when I close these windows (via the little red cross), all the buttons become unclickable. So if I want to launch another program, I'll have to exit the main window and run it again.

In other words, I wa

php exports to cvs, but something happens that makes the csv totally unusable
by keithosu in Programming Languages

I export every day the sales of yesterday (Magento) by a custom phpscript.

Since we got directbanking i had to change the code a bit.
The idea was to set the value "direct" in the CC_Type(Visa,JBC,...) so that we have good looking data for our analytics.

The csv looks actually clean and when i do a manually import (where you customize the import) with excel or mss

Does socket become unusable after connect() fails?
by johntynan in Programming Languages

In Chapter 4, paragraph 4.3 of Steven's "The Socket: Networking API, Third Edition", the author states the following

"If connect fails, the socket is no longer usable and must be closed.
We cannot call connect again on the socket."

Does anyone know the reason behind the above statement?

In my own experiments, i wrote a simple tcp client, th

Proper Disposal of Unusable Bibles
by LinAdmin in Culture & Society
The Bible is considered a holy document by many people throughout the world. Vandalism and water or fire damage may render a Bible incomplete or unreadable. Treating a Bible disposal ceremony with reverence shows respect to those who follow the teachings of the Christian scriptures. Take the time to eliminate unusable Bibles in a way that reduces the chances of future defilement.Difficulty:Moderat

Android Emulator unusable slow
by evgen_povt in Network & Servers

for a PhoneGap Project I need a running Android Emulator.
So installed from the official Android website and try to run... but this thing is so slow, that development is impossible.

I run it under OS X Lion on 27inch iMac, 12 GB RAM Core i5 and SSD.

Is there any trick getting this thing run?

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