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Detect linked & unused files and unused JavaScript
Category : Javascript

I just finished my website, which I started 2 years ago. I was always trying new things, which sometimes included adding different frameworks or other external JS files.

Now I don't know which of the linked files/lines of JS are unused. Is there a tool which can detect these files and lines of code? It would save me a lot of time.

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What Happens to Unused Timeshares?
Category : Personal Finance
If your family enjoys vacationing every year and especially if you have a favorite destination that you enjoy returning to, a timeshare may be the best way to save money and lock in your chance to travel, year in and year out. But when you fail to use the time you purchase through a timeshare, you risk losing it unless your purchase agreement includes an option for preserving unused time. Loss

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What to Do With Unused Ink Cartridges
Category : Business
Your old printer died, so you bought a new printer. But now you have a stack of unused ink cartridges. You do not have to throw them away -- in fact, you should not. You can choose an environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible alternative. SellMake use of auction sites or local sales listings, like Craigslist, to sell your unused cartridges. Do an Internet search for ink buyers, as there

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Uses for Unused Inkjet Ink
Category : Computers
Because of environmental concerns, recycling and disposal instructions are clearly written on printer ink containers. Although some people donate their empty inkjet cartridges to recycling programs and nonprofit organizations, others have them refilled for reuse. Other consumers sell their empty cartridges outright or exchange them for new cartridges at discount prices. Sometimes, however, ink is

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How to Get Rid of Unused Paint
Category : Arts & Entertainment
Oil-based paints contain petroleum distillates and are harmful to the painter and the environment. Latex paint, which is water based, is not as hazardous but still presents the probability of a mess when it ends up on the street after being picked up and compacted by trash disposal. Both types of paint should be treated as hazardous, and disposing of either type of paint presents the same challeng

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About Unused functions in VC++
Category : Programming Languages

Just wanted to verify that in VC++, unused member functions which are never called are by default considered as inlined functions by the compiler? If so why it is so, why not completely discard (since it will never be called) this function instead of in-lining it?

What is the advantage?

The question is why even inline it when it will never be called? Why

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Getting rid of unused php files
Category : PHP

I'm looking into removing php files that are no longer used on my site. I can use something like get_included_files to show the included files, but that would mean I would have to put it on every child page. If I put it on a parent page, it won't show me the child page that called it.

Has anybody else run into a similar situation? If so, what did you do to remove unused php files?

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Remove unused CSS on the Fly?
Category : Web Design

Having a problem at the moment that many of my pages load [using GooglePageSpeed] and seem to load a lot of unused CSS.

If I try and split the CSS - then I get the error that "too many CSS files". I am wondering whether there are any jquery plugins [or other] that are able to RENDER only the CSS for the page that is being loaded and ignore the rest ?

It's sort of like a

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Most efficient way of getting the next unused id
Category : Databases

(related to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3439571/finding-the-lowest-unused-unique-id-in-a-list and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2116056/getting-unused-unique-values-on-a-sql-table)

Suppose I have a table containing on id column and some others (they don't make any difference here):

| id |other|


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What to Do With Unused Pools?
Category : Home & Garden
Pools are great fun in the summer, but an outdoor pool isn't very useful for swimming in cold winter climates. Convert it to another use during those cold weather months so it's not just a giant hole in the ground. ConversionAllow your old pool to continue to be used for swimming, but for fish instead of people. With it being constructed to hold water, you can convert it to a koi pond or pond f

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