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How to use update progress inside update panel, when the button executing code is outside update panel
by Henschkowski in Programming Languages

I have a update panel, and a update progress inside it. I have moved the button outside update panel because, response.write was not working when I had the button inside the update panel. Now after moving the button outside the response.write is working but update progress is not. How can I make it to work when I have the button outside.

<asp:UpdateProgress ID="UpdateProgres

How to stop AJAX update taking place in one update panel from another update panel?
by Longchao Dong in Programming Languages

We have two update panels on our webpage. Now first update panel is having button cancel. While second update panel is having a file upload control.

Now if the user uploads a file that is going to upload in about 2 mins, and in between, say after 30 seconds the user clicks the cancel button, the upload taking place in update panel 2 should stop.

How do we achieve this ?<

Cumulative update fails to update files though version number of file is updated
by svn in Web Design

We released an application version 2.10.3.X recently.

And got some request for fix and we released a small update (the version is 2.10.4.X). [ one dll with version and 2 xap files are changed]

Now they need one more small update (2.10.5.x) [one more dll with version and xap is changed].

The update should be cumulative. (2.10.5.x should inst

Needed: mysql current timestamp on update also if UPDATE does not change values in table
by Minh Nguyen in Databases

I have a database with 3 columns:

ID / Price / last_updated

The column "last_updated" has ..

as type: timestamp

when I run a mysql_query(UPDATE...) to change the prices, some prices do not change. In those cases, however, the la

Regex question, how to update this C# RegexMatches routine to update/replace the items found?
by sandorski in C & C++ & C#

Can I ask for a pointer re C# and Regex. I've got the routine that works ok below that finds links within CSS. If I wanted to rewrite the links I find as I go through, and then have a copy of a string at the end of this that represents the initial CSS text but with the rewritten links in place how would I do this?

var resultList = new List<Uri>();
string cssT

ClickOnce fails with invalid manifest error via programmatic update but not framework update
by Sankarsan Bose in Coding

We have been distributing a WPF application via ClickOnce for a couple of years. I am locally testing a forthcoming update which will upgrade it from .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.0 (users have been warned in advance to upgrade their .NET version if they have not already).

We do the ClickOnce updates programmatically via a "Check for updates" menu item. I am finding that for this particular up

PHP - Select & Update statement to return and update a multi dimensional array
by Ertaz in Databases

I have a database that looks like the following

In my database both id & fb_user_id are unique. Id is an auto incremented number.

First i would like to insert a new row for arguments say with the following

$new_first_name = "John";
$new_last_name = "Nolan";
$new_email = "John@Nolan.com";
$new_link_url = "Johns_Link";

Getting the message “Cannot start the update ui…” when trying to run the update UI in Eclipse
by dbrews in Programming Languages

When I try to run the update manager in Eclipse, I get the error "Cannot launch the Update UI. This installation has not been configured properly for Software Updates."

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Doing a SQL batch update in Java that won't update a field if passed-in parm is null
by Marcos de Carvalho in Java

How do I create a batch update that won't update a column if the passed-in parameter value is null? For example:

String UPDATE_STMT = "UPDATE MY_TABLE SET col1 = ?, col2 = ?, col3 = ?";
Connection conn = getConnection();
PreparedStatement pstmt = conn.preparedStatement(UPDATE_STMT);
List items = getItems();
for (ItemType item : items) {

on duplicate key update fails with error “Cannot add or update a child row”
by California in Databases

I have a table with a compound primary key "name" and "id". The fields are actually "name","id","phone","amount","units","alias". I have the query

insert into MyTable (name,id,phone,amount) select "henry" as name, id,phone,amount from anotherTable
on duplicate key update phone=values(phone),amount=values(amount).

MySQL spits the following error:


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