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implement updateable recordsets in c#
by Aaviel in C & C++ & C#

What would it take to implement an updateable recordset in c#? Think what is available for Sql CE, but implemented for others like Sql Server. Do the recordset classes basically implement 99% of this and would just need some tinkering to get it added, or would this be a big undertaking? Perhaps using some code from Mono and extending it?

Just fyi, one of the early betas of .net 1.1

inserting into an updateable query
by Tim Tyrrell in Databases

I'm using Access 2000, I have a form bound to an updateable query on two tables.

Here's a simplified version of the query:

SELECT tblA.ID AS MainID, tblB.ID, tblA.ItemX, tblB.ItemY
FROM tblA INNER JOIN tblB ON tblA.ID = tblB.ID;

Column tblA.ID is type "autonumber" and is the primary key. Column tblB.ID is long integer, has a unique index, and

Error: This recordset is not updateable
by LinAdmin in Web Design

I'm stuck with this error for hours.
In the open_form event I set values to the recordset like this

Id = vId.
But with 1 form, no matter what field I update, I got this error.

This recordset is not updateable

I read this article http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;328828

DGV ComboBox Cell remain updateable
by Uppsala9496 in Programming Languages

I have a DataGridView that I want users to be able to add records to directly. This is done by clicking a link beneath the DGV, at which point a new row is programmatically added, and the first visible cell is of ComboBoxCell type. Code excerpt for how I'm doing this is:

// Add a new row to DGV
DataGridView dgv = this.dgvInformation;
DataGridViewRow newRow = new DataGri

Error: operation must use an updateable query
by Igor Carron in Programming Languages

After making the set up of the application(developed using VS 2008 and MS Access) the installation in another system works fine. But whenever I try to change the Password or id(there is a login window which the user need to access to get into the main window) it shows an error sayin "operation must use an updateable query". Can anyOne suggest the remedy?

Thank you,

How to create updateable panel using AjaxLink of Wicket?
by niswilsonnissen in Programming Languages

I try to realize a link (in fact many links) that update a table in an website using an AjaxLink of Wicket. But I fail, the table is never updated (I have "setOutputMarkupId(true)" and call "setDefaultModelObject" and "addComponent", but there must be something other thats wrong).

How can I realize a panel with a number of links and a table that displays dynamic data, dependent on t

How to make fixtures updateable in Rails' tests?
by Ben Humphrys in Coding

Below I listed some code from simple Rails application. The test listed below fails in last line, because the updated_at field of the post is not changed within the update action of PostController in this test. Why?

This behaviour seems to me a little strange, because standard timestamps are included in Post model, live testing on local server shows that this field is actually updat

How to populate an updateable FormView from an EntityDataSource with filter
by crooter in Programming Languages

I'm trying to create a member page for updating account details. I want to populate a form with the member's data, but I don't know how to set a filter on the EntityDataSource to limit the query.

When I set the select statement based on the member ID, I get the error

Select cannot be set if EnableDelete, EnableInsert, or EnableUpdate is enabled.


Approach to maintain updateable html content
by bigrod in Web Design

What is better approach to update html content of some window on page:

1) I can use html template of that window, and when I need to change data described there I simply generate real html and replace old one with new. In this case I have to send from server side both html page with first data (for search engine; I can't fill this data on client-side), and also html template (so I n

How can I create an updateable view in Postgres using pgAdmin
by DexNFx in Databases

I created a view in Postgres using pgAdmin III. When I view the data all the columns are not editable. I found out that views in Postgres are not updateable by default.

After doing some searching I found information on how to do this
here :
and here


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