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How to avoid updating update_at flag while updating associated model in active record?
by silvervino in Programming Languages

My association to models as follows

People model

belongs_to :category
has_one :account, :through => :category

category model

belongs_to :account

account model

has_many :categories

Level model

accepts_nested_attributes :peoples

I wrote

Efficient way to be updating child records when updating the Master table using Linq
by Veliko in Programming Languages

I currently use a general repositry class that can update only a single table like so

public abstract class MyRepository<T> : IRepository<T>
where T : class
protected IObjectSet<T> _objectSet;
protected ObjectContext _context;
public MyRepository(ObjectContext Context)
_objectSet = Context.Cr

MKMapview custom image not updating for user location updating using kvo
by vasil in Web Design

In the viewDidLoad method,
I am using the following KVO

[mapview.userLocation addObserver:self forKeyPath:@"location" options:(NSKeyValueObservingOptionNew|NSKeyValueObservingOptionOld)

and the observer

- (void)observeValueForKeyPath:(NSString *)keyPath

How to avoid updating the child object while updating parent in hibernate?
by Progdis in Programming Languages

I don't knwo whether my desig itself wrong or what. but could any body give me a solution.
I have a Object, PlanningItem. From this i need to get the records form another table by using two properties of PlanningItem. so i created view and and added that view as one to many relation record in PlanningItem. when i was updating the Planning Item i am getting error.
In this i am ready to

Nhibernate Updating - Solutions for updating children on an entity?
by Dan Becker in Web Design

Looking for some advice on how to update a collection on an entity. In a web app - we have a multiselect listbox allowing a user to assign and remove child entities from a list of available entities. The user would select the relevant children to associate with the parent. i.e. Product with multiple Categories it could belong to. Once the user is satisfied, they submit and we update the entitie

MySQL not updating single field in database while updating others
by HidingInABunker in Programming Languages

I am using Zend Framework 1.10.8 and MySQL Server 5.1.X. I create my data array to update the record but only one field updates.

$where = "`character_id` = '5'";
$healthGained = 5;
$data = array();
if ($healthGained > 0) {
$data['character_current_health'] = $character['character_max_health'] + $healthGained;

HTML5 seekBar not updating after clicked despite updating its value
by Brazen in Development Tools & Services

I've been digging around for a while looking for why the seekBar is not updating after being clicked, and no luck so far. I've been doing this in Chrome because Firefox doesn't natively support the HTML5 audio tag.

Here's basically what I've got:

var seekBar;
var player;
function initPlayer(){
seekBar = document.getElement

MySQL: Updating entry WITHOUT updating timestamp
by droom in Databases

I have a timestamp in a mysql table with attribute "ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP". Is there a way to manually disable updating the timestamp on a special occasion? (eg: updating the entry to revise a blog post, but not to re-date it)

KnockoutJS; Either bound value not updating or ko.computed() not updating
by wpoch in Web Design

I have the following object.

var q = {
availableModels: ko.observableArray();
selectedModel: ko.observable();
displayModel: function(item) { return item.text; }
image: ko.computed(function() {
return q.selectedModel().image;

Which is bound to the following element.

<select da

Mysql: Possible to force updating of a second column after updating the first?
by Franklin Henderson in Development Tools & Services

I have a Mysql database that stores login data. The passwords and salts are saved as sha512 hashes. Now, should the value in the password column be changed, I would like to implement a condition that the salt MUST be changed, or the mysql command is invalid.

email varchar(64) NOT NULL,
password binary(64


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