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Oracle Schema upgrade with new constraint- how can I reduce upgrade down time?
by chetansha in Databases

I have a oracle repository up and running and has say 10 million records. One of the table is say


This table is being used for long and now say I have a requirement to change

How to Upgrade Vista to Windows 7 Using Upgrade Discs Without Losing Data
by DaveStall in Computers
Installing a new operating system is no small task, and understandably you might be concerned about whether you will be able to keep all of your files and programs when upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7. Microsoft has had a longstanding tradition of allowing users of the previous version of Windows to upgrade to the new version at a lower cost and without losing the data on the computer. I

Major upgrade vs Minor upgrade version Numbers
by Frank Bradley in Web Design

We have an application, in which we have series of releases. The current version of the application in production was V2.1

Now we have a set of new UI Screens to be added and related changes to the application. We are planning to release these changes as V3.0.

Do we need to go with Major Upgrade or Minor Upgrade? If we go with Major Upgrade, do we need to reinstall the a

How to Get an iPhone for an Upgrade Price Before an Upgrade Eligibility
by keyed in Electronics
Cell phone providers offer an introductory price on cell phones in order to entice you to buy into a long contract. Once you are in your contract, you must pay full price for subsequent cell phones until you reach your contract expiration. At the end of your contract, you are eligible for an upgrade to a new phone for the introductory price. With the recent release of the iPhone 4, you may want to

Majorupgrade or Upgrade ID which is preferred for Major upgrade?
by Kevin in Web Design

We are trying to do Major upgrade. While i was investigating i found 2 approaches.

One is using Upgrade Id and another one approach was Majorupgrade tag.

It seems Majorupgrade is easy to do it seems. But schedule doesn't contain any before installinitialize action.

I am not sure which should be using .

Which one is preferred [and recommended] most

EE1 to EE2 upgrade, need to post upgrade uninstall module from EE1 how to?
by Hugo in Web Design

So I've got a very complex site which I successfully upgraded from EE1 to EE2 after 3 tries. I now installed Zoo flexible Admin to configure the CP for the client and when I do that I get the following error.

Unable to load the requested language file: language/english/reeorder_lang.php

This language file is for the EE1 module REEorder unfortunately documenta

Rake task rails:upgrade:check is not working on windows. Rails 3 Upgrade problem
by Kbotei in Programming Languages

Is there any solution to solve the problem of rake task rails:upgrade:check on windows ?

How to Upgrade to Windows XP Without the Upgrade CD
by frugivore in Computers
Performing an upgrade to Windows XP is typically performed with a dedicated Windows XP Upgrade Edition CD, but that need not be the case. Upgrade your computer from a full installation edition of the Windows XP CD when you do not have a dedicated upgrade CD available. The process generally takes around 20 to 45 minutes.

how to convince my manager for a rails 3 upgrade | should I upgrade to rails 3
by coding-style in Programming Languages

We are currently running rails 2.1.

My main motivation for the upgrade is the fear that gems/plugins will get rarer/unavailable/unsupported day by day for our version (,and the excitement of the latest technology).

I understand there are many-many improvements that come with rails3, but probably what my manager would want to listen is the advantages that he'd get, in ter

Project database upgrade using ant to upgrade the database
by Idaho in Databases

I am currently working on two web projects both which use Ant to upgrade the database.
Each web project has its own build.properties file for upgrading the database using ant.
Each separate build.properties file is used to log on to two different databases for the two specific servers as obvious.

How do I set up the ANT_HOME to be used for the database upgrades for both th

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