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Hierarchical RESTful urls still preferred - in terms of added overhead - over flat urls?
by Techhog in Coding

Let's say I have a website where users can upload and show their pictures. A RESTful url to a single picture of that user would look like:


But the image-id itself is already unique, so this url would already be good enough to get it:


Forcing the rewriting of URLs by hiding .php AND .htm(l) extensions and redirecting to extensionless URLs
by debuke in Web Design

here is my configuration:

http://domain.com (obviously fictitious name...) hosted on a server running Apache with mod_rewrite enabled
folder named "foo": (located at http://domain.com/foo/ and in which I want to put my .htaccess file) containing only 3 types of files .php, .htm, .html
.php files (for the sake of the example I will refer to one of them: phpfile.php)

Friendly URLs with .htacces NOT working… and stackoverflow URLs style
by Christopher Harris in Development Tools & Services

I know this question has been asked a million of times here at stackoverflow, but I cant get it to work so I need someone who knows to finally resolve this problem!

I want that when this is inserted in the URL:


It really goes to this:


In Perl, how can I replace relative URLs in src attributes of img tags with absolute URLs?
by YooperDave in Programming Languages

I want to find and replace (from an html page) all occurrences of src attributes in img tags. E.g., take

<img width="25" height="13" border="0" src="/images/flags/de.png">

and change the src attribute

I am currently using:


Redirect/.htaccess to change old PHP parameter URLs to SEO friendly CakePHP URLs?
by cbrunny in PHP

I'm about to update my site to use CakePHP instead of an old homegrown framework. I need to write the HTAccess file to redirect the old PHP parameter URLs to the new CakePHP SEO friendly urls, but I can't get it to work.

My htacess file (the one in app/webroot) looks like this at the moment:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^index.php?action=view&item=172$ inde

Redirect all naked domain urls to subdomain(www) urls preserving the url, except for one page on IIS/ASP.NET
by tommy in Programming Languages

Whats the best way to achieve the above? I do know that it can be achieved at HttpModule level. Is it possible just via web.config(easier and faster to code execute).

Keep track of reserved URLs (to enable vanity per-user URLs)
by Mcad in Programming Languages

On my rap lyrics explanation website, every user has an associated "favorites" page at http://rapgenius.com/USERNAME

Because these favorites pages occupy the root namespace, I have to make sure that no one takes a username that I'm already using for something else. E.g.:

IE Mixed Content Warining when using https URLs and http:443 URLs?
by sandorski in Development Tools & Services

I'm getting the good ole' "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items." dialog in IE when connecting to an HTTPS site. No big deal... I've just got something coming in over a non-secure connection so that should be an easy fix, right?

So I go into "View > Web Page Privacy Policy..." to look to see where I've included an HTTP file, and this is what I see...


How to replace text URLs and exclude URLs in HTML tags?
by Oli in Programming Languages

I need you help here.

I want to turn this:

sometext sometext http://www.somedomain.com/index.html sometext sometext


sometext sometext <a href="http://somedoamai.com/index.html">www.somedomain.com/index.html</a> sometext sometext

I have managed it by using this regex:


javascript : extract http urls from a string of multiple urls
by AnToni00 in Programming Languages

I have a huge string of multiple URLs in javascript which is of the following format:

var urls = "http://..... , http://..... , http://......"

I need to extract all URLs from the string into individual variables of part of an array. I cant do a urls.split(",") as some urls seem to have commas in them.Is there a good regex I can use to solve this problem ?


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