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Google Analytics SDK V2 for Android App: New users, returning users, active users, sessions are confusing me
by FlyOnTheWall43 in Android

I have used Google Analytics to track my Android app for a while and it worked pretty well. Recently, I upgraded to the new SDK V2 for mobile app. However, I found something confusing me:

In real-time tracking, all the visitors are shown as new now. I tried to use my phone to open my own app and it keeps on showing myself as new user not returning user. In fact, I never

how to store/model users/faceboook users/linkedin users, etc, with ActiveRecord?
by neosephiroth86 in Web Design

My app has

"normal" users: those which come through a typical signup page
facebook(FB) users: those which come from Facebook connect
"FB-normal" users: a user that can log with both email/password * FB connect

Further, there's the a slew of other openID-ish login methods (I don't think openID itself will be acceptable since it doesn't link up the accounts and allow t

How do I access my users facebook statuses(every status = present and past) with my users permission?
by Ph33zy in Development Tools & Services

I am working on a project which needs to fetch all the users statuses (present and past) from his/her facebook profile with permission. I have tried searching a lot resources but couldn't find any useful information. Could any one help me out with this?

Create a Python User() class that both creates new users and modifies existing users
by Jon Riegel in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to figure out the best way to create a class that can modify and create new users all in one. This is what I'm thinking:

class User(object):
def __init__(self,user_id):
if user_id == -1
self.new_user = True
self.new_user = False
#fetch all records from db about user_id

How I can built a QBE for Active Directory Users with activate users,email or telephonenumber and a username?
by David in Programming Languages

I work with the Active Directory. I write a method how I can get all Users from the Active Directory with a filter and list the Users in a ArrayList for my DropDownList.

The Code:

private ArrayList GetReceiverList(string Domain)
ArrayList List = new ArrayList();
DirectoryEntry Entry = new Di

Need advice on how to pull twitter updates for a number of users like for say 1000 registered users
by darko.topolsek in Development Tools & Services

I am using tornado as tool to build an aggregator to get users updates from twitter, normally to get for a single user is kind of straight forward but when getting for two or more users (like 1000 users for say) timeline in the background is kind of challenging, will be grateful for advice and tips on how to implement this.


MongoDB, finding users nearby but removing blocked users without affecting limit
by crazy2383 in Programming Languages

I want to fetch 100 users that are near by but I want to remove the current blocked users so that if there is say 10 blocked users the returned users wouldn't be 90 but 100...

I wrote this query (using mongojs for node):

db.users.find({location: {$near: [lng, lat]}, _id:{$ne: ObjectId('4ffeff845d46eaf1aa000002')}}, function(err, docs) {
if(!err) {

Check for active users in rails if the users stays in one page and dont click through the app
by Rob Archer in Programming Languages

I am trying to build an rails app and trying to see what users are online. I know how to implement the method to show online users if the user clicks through my app, but lets assume that my app is only 1 page, so there are no links to be clicked. How would I track the users online without the user having to click anywhere? Also i if the user has been idle for 15 min i will need to update the st

Python: Django: How can i find the users Lattitude and Longitude so that i can show the users location?
by Paul in Programming Languages

Is there any possibility to find the user's location in django. I mean is there any way to get the latitude and longitude and then the location.

Can I use app with real users or “Can only call this method on valid test users for your app”
by Olympian Last in Coding

I am developing desktop app and it should post some info to user's facebook wall.
Everything is ok: authorization, token, etc

But after I send POST request, I get error: "Can only call this method on valid test users for your app".

So, assume that development is finished and I'd like to use app in real world.
And first, I'd like to test app with my OWN account.

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