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mysql usnig calculated column at where/having
by damomurf in Coding

i have an question how to use an "alias" column at the where/having clause. I know there are some question with an related topic. But I search trough the web and on stackoverfolw and doesn't find an solution.

So i hope for help at this way..

The following statement works well:

FROM my_statistics

How to execute a bat file inside exe ?( exe created by usnig winrar sfx)
by Gurpreet Singh in Operating Systems

I want to create a exe file which includes mysql.msi and java.zip. I have written vbscript to install mysql and extract java file in C: drive. It works fine.

Now my problem is

Convert the source folder as exe by using winrar sfx option.

How can i execute the vbscript or bat file(for execute vbscript) when i click the created exe?

Can any one g

Fire onmouseover only when mouse over is more than 3 seconds usnig jquery
by Pablo in Programming Languages

I have some links like as shown below, here is a jsfiddle link to it.

What I want ?

I want the jquery methods to be fired only when the mouse over is more than 3 seconds. I know I have to use setTimeout but I am not able to understand how to use it.

If anyone can help me by editing my fiddle link


change content of a cell in table usnig javascript
by DonMac in Javascript
<script type="text/javascript">
function addFunction(id)
var row=document.getElementById('driverDetails').insertRow(cnt+1);
var c1=row.insertCell(-1);
var c2=row.insertCell(-1);
var c3=row.insertCell(-1);


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