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How do i get the Values of Edit Text dynamically whose values should match up with already existing values in a table?
by Pure Pandemonium in Programming Languages

Hi everybody,

For an Example, assume it :

In a Question paper, i have to write the answer for given questions but there is no choice available. So overall i am attending all the questions. My answers might be a wrong or correct. It should be able to match up with the known answers already existing in a another table.

Then result will be like this, my answers

Int values get automatically converted into float values on Binding the text values in gridview
by Nick Durcholz in Programming Languages

I am getting int values from the stored procedure. But when i bind this datasource with the gridview i am seeing the values being converted into float.
i am using Text='<% # Bind("Quantity") %'

I wanna that to be displayed as int, with out zero's
eg: let the value be 233, when i bind that its getting displayed as 233.00

Data structure for updating values and querying the state of values at a time in the past
by rbrewer in Development Tools & Services

Suppose you're interested in a bunch of independent time-varying values, each of which represents the current state of something. The values don't change on any fixed schedule and new values can't be predicted from old ones. For the sake of a concrete example, let's say you have a bunch of stocks and you're interested in keeping track of their values, and you get an update about an individual s

Calling stored procedures, passing NULL values, dealing with boolean values
by elmagistral in Programming Languages

When calling a stored procedure I am concatenating values together, my question is how do you call a stored procedure but send a 'NULL' value in one of the params?

Lets say that AID = null, but if I pass that to my query I get an error?!

QueryConn.Execute("Search_Res " & Count & "," & AccessList("InvoiceLevel") & "," & AID)


How to find a path of true values connecting the borders of a 2D array of false values
by Kuer in Programming Languages

I need to traverse a 2D array of boolean values, from top border to bottom border, and determine a path made entirely of true values. At this point, I have tried many different techniques, but I haven't made any progress. Could anyone help me out here?

Here's an example:

false true true false false false
false true false false false false

How to count the number of occurrence of column values but without GROUP BY (not distinct values) mysql
by Alex Bartzas in Databases

id title numbers
1 chicken 1
2 meat 1
3 fish 1
4 fish 2
5 meat 2
6 fish 3
7 chicken 2
8 chicken 3

I want to construct the following output as above. Anyone can help me calculate number of occurrence of co

Copying values from one column that matches a ID to a new sheet by creating new columns for each values through EXCEL VBA
by Kaveh in Programming Languages

I have a requirement where there is a group of values under one ID(this ID is unique for each group). I want the values of the group to be copied to a new sheet by creating new columns for each values through excel VBA.
say, this is my main sheet

12345 100 Pizza
12345 200 Choco

How can I change the values of a log-log plot from exponential notation to numeric values in the lattice package?
by Davidpaul007 in Programming Languages

For instance what should I add to this expression:

xyplot(a~b, groups=abc, data=super,
panel = panel.grid)

in order to have 100 instead of 10^2?

i want to take values from alert view (login id and password) and check if the values for transition using storybords
by znotdead in Operating Systems

// when i click the button i want an alert view to appear and then entring the login details , if the details are correct then move to next view else not. how to do this ?

// now when i click on the button alert view appears when myButton method ends. how to control the flow ?

- (IBAction)myButton:(id)sender
flag= [self alertview];

Python/sqlite: get column values as a list/tuple from rows where other columns have certain values
by turret in Programming Languages

I have a sqlite table with 4 columns, say: id, pagenr, x1, y1.
I need to get the y1 column values as a list/tuple, but only from rows where pagenr and x1 have certain values. Help much appriciated. NB: I am using python 2.6.

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