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realloc variants
by Patastroph in Programming Languages

Just to situate the context: it's about a string pool, meaning a hash table with string keys (actually special strings that know their length, but I guess this detail is irrelevant here). The point is the resizing of the array of lists (used as table buckets) when the pool needs to grow. But --this is the core detail-- cells containing string actually in an array of cells, instead of being spre

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Drupal - Panels - use variants according to NID
by Jules in Web Design

I'm using Panels to overwrite node template (node/%node). I would like the system to use specific variant when a node is loaded. E.g. node 123 should use variant A and node 223 should use variant B. There isn't an option for me to determine that under Selection rules, I'm wondering if I should use PHP Code, and if I do, how should I go about writing the code?

I'm aware of the option

CSS positioning: all variants tried, no progress
by HoagieMon in Web Design

I ve read the other postings regarding somewhat similar issues. But this "somewhat" doesnt help.


In a table cell, I have a thumb pic. It docks itself to the top left corner without my indicating anything. Fine.
Then I want words referring to that pic. If I do nothing, they align themselves UNDERNEATH of the pic and paralell to the left side of the cell.

How do I (or if I can't) use Variants on simple DLLs?
by chanley in Programming Languages

I want to expose some functionality of a internal object as a DLL - but that functionality uses variants. But I need to know: I can export a function with Variant parameters and/or return - or is better to go to an string-only representation?

What is better, from language-agnostic POV (the consumer is not made with Delphi - but all will run in Windows)?

Adding variants in Mac Ports
by Matthiasa in Development Tools & Services

I was wondering how you can append a variant to a port if you have already installed the port. For example I installed the 'vim' port and would like to go back and add the python25 variant. Do I need to delete vim and reinstall it? This is just an example, I would really like to know the process to do this for any port.

Thanks for any help,

What Are the Different Variants of a Gene Called?
by Bin in Hobbies, Games & Toys
In diploid organisms like humans, individuals inherit two copies of each chromosome--one copy from each parent. Consequently, individuals have two copies of each gene, with the exception of genes on sex chromosomes--a male, for example, may have only one copy of a gene on the x chromosome since he has only one x. Geneticists use several different terms to describe copies of genes. AllelesDiffer

How to Calculate Track Variants
by mikhaelrasputin in Sports & Fitness
Calculating your track variants can make the difference between winning the big jackpot and losing all of your money. According to Quickplay, a horse racing website, track variants are hidden values that allow you to calculate the timing outcome of the races. With these variants, you are able to calculate the average time of the horses and therefore bet on them more successfully. Calculating track

What Variants of MGF Are There & How Do They Differ in Their Action?
by George H. in Health
The mechano-growth factor, or MGF, is an essential protein found in human tissues. It is an variant of another human protein, the insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1. MGF also has a small variant, the E-peptide, that consists only of the C-terminal end of the MGF protein. All three of these proteins, the MGF, IGF-1 and E-peptide, have very similar actions in the body. IGF-1During the early p

Maintaining variants of an application :
by wafe in Programming Languages

We have a product which is being slightly customized for each client.
The exact customization is unpredictable - we assume that any point in the code can become needing change.
However, we want to keep one code base, as 90+% of the code will be identical, so we don't have to merge every update or new feature to each client separately.

How can this be done?


Javascript for () loop variants
by cjdavis in Web Design

I'm creating this element with these attributes:

var x = document.createElement('x');

And then I loop through it using these 2 forms, getting different output each time:

>>>for(var i in x.attributes) console.log(x.attributes[i]);

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