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Tips on Vendor Part Analysis & Vendor Management
by maximumbob in Business
Effective vendor part analysis and vendor management typically allow project managers to ensure that suppliers provide the best parts, quality and service according the statement of work and the contract as agreed upon. To establish the best working relationship that maintains the most productive results for both the vendor and the client, project managers communicate on a regular basis, maintain

How to add vendor name in mainboard vendor list in make menuconfig?
by Alexander Schuc in Operating Systems

I am using Fedora16..I want to add new vendor name into the mainboard vendor list in make menuconfig..Because mine is Toshiba as a vendor name,this is not found in list..SO please suggest me how to add..
Thanks in advance.

Path to Vendor Images for Vendor CSS File?
by Danny in Programming Languages


I'm trying to use jQuery Uniform in a rails 3.2 app. Integrating this would otherwise be pretty straightforward in a php app or as a more-traditional website. I can't seem to find the correct path to the images for those referenced in uniform.css.

Variants I've tried include:

/assets/images/imagename.png /* worked for me in my

Rails: vendor/gems or vendor/plugins?
by jgood in Development Tools & Services

I'm to tracking dependencies with git-submodules in my rails app. So far I've added submodules for things like, haml, shoulda, and authlogic to 'vendor/plugins'. I've seen indications that I should be using 'vendor/gems' instead though.

Question: which directory is the appropriate place to put dependencies being tracked as submodules? Is the choice arbitrary?


How to Become a Vendor
by chaoyi in Business
A vendor is a person or company that distributes goods or services manufactured or supplied by a service provider. For instance, a manufacturer of peripheral devices for computers will hire a vendor to sell keyboards and speakers to electronics stores---who will then sell it to the end user. A service provider might offer janitorial services but need a vendor to sell their service to restaurants,
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How to Become an EBT Vendor
by Paul in Business
Participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also called SNAP, use an electronic benefits transfer card, known as an EBT, card to pay for food items. EBT cards work much like debit cards; recipients make food purchases against a fixed amount placed in their EBT account using the card and a pin number at the register. Vendors wishing to offer EBT services for SNAP participants mus
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How to Be a Hot Dog Vendor
by RKelln in Careers & Job Searching
If you are looking to make money, but don't want the hassle of a nine to five job, consider the idea of being a hot dog vendor. The average vendor only works the street from 10am to 3pm and makes over $70 a day profit (more at certain locations.) They work, if and only if, they feel like it and they get the convenience of being their own boss. Here's how!Difficulty:EasyInstructions Hot Dog vend
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How to Become a Hot Dog Vendor
by MadViking in Business
Hot dogs are a favorite food among children and adults across the country. They are quick to make and not very expensive to buy. A hot dog vendor capitalizes on these features by selling hot dogs and snacks at sustainable markups that produce quick profits with little overheads.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Check with your local city hall to find out what permits are necessary to become a str
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How to Get a Vendor Job
by Omer72 in Business
A vendor is someone who sells services or goods for money—a middleman who supplies a particular commodity or necessity and makes a profit while doing so. Examples can be suppliers who sell and deliver soda and chips to convenience stores or arenas; an insurance broker; or someone with a bread-delivery route.
While you may not need specialized training to find a job as a vendor, there
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How to Own a Hot Dog Vendor Cart
by icode.cs in Business
Hot dog vendors are commonly seen in big cities, and they're something of a cultural icon. They also earn a nice profit from their venture: up to $1,000 per event or $100,000 annually according the The Hot Dog Cart, a company that sells carts and accessories. Getting a hot dog cart may be easier than you think -- supply companies sell them and there are also companies that will assist you as a ven
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