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Node.js verify function does not verify signature when openssl command line does
by ti22 in Web Design

I am trying to use the Node.js crypto module to verify a signature for some data. I am using Node.js 0.8.0.

The data in a file has been hashed using the MD5 algorithm and signed using a private RSA key, and the signature saved to a separate file. This has all been done using Java libraries.

If I use openssl to verify the signature this is successful, using:

iOS accessing sandbox to verify receipt - certificate verify failed
by Finland in Operating Systems

Using curl in PHP, I get this output when I try to connect to the sandbox:

About to connect() to sandbox.itunes.apple.com port 443
Trying * connected
Connected to sandbox.itunes.apple.com ( port 443
successfully set certificate verify locations:
CAfile: /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt
CApath: none
SSL certificate problem, ve

how to verify a method is called two times with mockito verify()
by billputer in Web Design

I want to verify if a method is called twice or more than once through mockito verify. I used verify and it complains like this:

Wanted 1 time:
But was 2 times. Undesired invocation:

Cannot verify openssl smime verify over SSH
by DesiPower in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to SSH into the server at my university in order to do an OpenSSL assignment. I have my self-signed certificate aasignedcert.pem, the private key it was signed with aaprivatekey.pem and my plaintext test.txt.

I first signed my message to create my testsigned.txt file with the command:

openssl smime -sig

If we don't verify that private methods are called with unit tests, how do we verify that they are called?
by SeaSerpent in Programming Languages

I hate to be bringing this up again, but I'm really trying to understand how to safeguard something with my tests.

I have a public method (below) that calls a private method before calling another method that actually takes some action. I want to make sure that the call to the private method doesn't get removed because that could be catastrophic. I've done some research, here, here,

Is it safe to run continuous builds with “mvn verify” instead of “mvn clean verify”
by vferman in Programming Languages

We are running our continuous builds on Hudson currently with "mvn clean verify". That is what we always did and so we never questioned it.

The question is: Is it safe to run a continuous build with "mvn verify" only?
So that would mean the maven-compiler-plugin would only compile classes that got changed since the last build and save precious time.

Will the feedba

How Do I Verify SAS 70?
by snapshooter in Business
SAS 70 is the auditing standard for internal corporate controls. It can apply to a wide range of companies and deals with procedures. For example, a company may have procedures that prevent a junior staff member from spending large amounts without authorization, or procedures that prevent a staff member accessing sensitive data without supervision. SAS 70 is short for Statement on Auditing Standar
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What Is ATM Verify?
by droom in Business
An issue for any merchant is customers who try to pay without having adequate funds. Merchants cannot tell simply by looking at their customers or their cards and checks whether they truly can afford to pay, so merchants need a way to tell objectively what funds are available to cover transactions. For this reason, merchants may opt to use ATM Verify systems. DefinitionATM Verify is a financial
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How to Verify an SSL
by Puddle Jumper in Internet
Websites that need security such as online banking and retail operations secure their traffic with you using SSL certificates. SSL certificates ensure other people can't snoop on confidential information being transmitted between you and the website as well as identify the website as legitimate, so you know you're on your bank's website and not an impostor website pretending to be your bank. Websi
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How to Verify a CPN
by Krysole in Health
Certified pediatric nurses are known as CPNs in the medical world. These nurses are trained in all areas of nursing, but with specialized skills in caring for children. If you are considering hiring a private CPN to assist your child or want to check the credentials of a CPN working in your local medical facility, there are some resources available to assist you. Before you entrust your loved one
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