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Environment.Version returns a version number not matching the “version name”
by Erik Ordway in Programming Languages

Upon running this code:

foreach (string drive in Environment.GetLogicalDrives())
Console.WriteLine("Drive: {0}", drive);
Console.WriteLine("OS: {0}", Environment.OSVersion);
Console.WriteLine("Processor count: {0}", Environment.ProcessorCount);
Console.WriteLine(".NET version: {0}", Environment.Version);

I get

How to design a version converter (Json.net) that handles a very old version to a new version without much code blot
by Twista in Coding

My requirement is to create a version converter design that is efficient. Let us assume the following classes are evolved in each version.

//Version 1

internal class PatientV1
public string FullName { get; set; }
public string PatientNr { get; set; }
public GenderV1 Gender { get; set; }

Default version package gets when Export-Version does not specify version
by erlang in Web Design

In OSGi, if I do not specify version in the Export-Package directive inside MANIFEST.MF, which version exported package will get?

Version equal to the bundle version?
Zero version (something like 0.0.0)?
Something else?

P.S. And here is the rationale behind this logic: https://mail.osgi.org/pipermail/osgi-dev/2010-August/002608.html

generating patches with WIX - base version 3 off version 1 or version 2?
by Neil Redfern in Web Design

I'm making 'minor upgrade' packages using WIX. I'm confused when it comes to basing the upgrade packages.

When I generate a patch do I always base off version 1, or do I base version 3 off of version 2?

in short, I'm having trouble understanding the

<UpgradeImage SourceFile="$(var.ProjNew)" Id="Upgrade1_$(var.NewID)">
<TargetImage Sour

how can i test if internet explorer version is version 7 or version 8?
by john in Web Design

I want to test if IE is version 7 or 8 and if it is prevent a specific piece of code running?

I've tried the following code but this doesnt seem to work:

if($.browser.msie && parseInt($.browser.version, 10) <= 8) {
$(document).on('mouseenter', '.thumb', function () {
$(this).find('.bgg').stop().animate({ opacity : 1 });

How can I know a version is the most stable version from version number?
by Ertaz in Development Tools & Services

For example, netbeans has versions like 6.9.1; 7.0.0; 7.1.1 etc. Does the second number in the hierarchy mean improvement and the first is more about introducing new functionality, which makes it more likely to have bugs. So how do I interpret these version numbers, especially if I am willing to get the most stable version?

How to Upgrade From Norton 360 Version 3 to Version 4 if I Still Have Version 3
by xeemzor in Computers
Symantec Norton 360 is a suite of computer system protection programs and utilities. This package includes an anti-virus program and a firewall application, which provide protection against malicious software and unauthorized access to your computer. You can upgrade to version 4 of Norton 360 if you have version 3 currently on your system. When you install version 4, the core files of version 3 wi

Determine which app version to send apple push notification to (free or paid-for app version)
by B3CFT in Mobile Programming

We have two versions of our app (free and paid-for), and we want to support push notifications for both of them, and they are both using the same server.

So far we can update the user data on the server, so if the user changes from the free to the paid version, we update the server and the user will start receiving push notifications to the paid-for version.

However, I'v

How to make Product Version property match executable's version number automatically
by PeterYunZhang in Web Design

I have an InstallShield project with 2 executable's. How do I change the product version property in General Information of InstallShield to match one of my executable's version number. I'm using auto builds.

Thanks in advance!!

Browser Cache: If we change something force user to get new version, not local cached version
by algoRhythm99 in Network & Servers

We make changes often on our website (which uses caching) and sometimes user don't know to refresh a page in order to get the newest copy of it.

If we do update a page, how can we force the users browser to know that there is a new server version, and to use that rather than their browsers cached page?

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