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rails resque-web gem versions out of sync with bundled gem versions, How to tell resque-web to use correct gem versions?
by Jerome in Web Design

How do I tell resque-web to use the correct gem versions of rack, sinatra and vegas?
I'm trying to solve undefined method `process_route error when I access resque-web

If I run bundle I get

Using rack (1.4.1)
Using sinatra (1.3.3)
Using vegas (0.1.11)
Using resque (1.23.0)
Using rufus-scheduler (2.0.17)
Using resque-scheduler (2.0.0)

dll versions displayed in visual studio .Net not reflecting the referenced dll file/product versions
by language-agnostic in Development Tools & Services

I have a console app c# project that depends on NHibernate 3.3.2 and ShapArch.NHibernate which has been compiled with NHibernate 3.3.1 (as far as I know - I might be wrong, but when I created a 2.0.4 SharpArch project it downloaded NH 3.3.1 via Nuget ).

Why does Visual Studio show NHibernate as being version when the referenced dll is The Specific Ve

Do newer versions of BJam support backwards compatibility with older versions of Boost?
by sep in Programming Languages

I'm trying to build version 1.35 of Boost with the newest version of bjam that is bundled with version 1.42 Boost. Will this adversely affect the results of the build? Is this even possible?

The reason I'm trying to do this is because the newest version of BJam has support for command line options that are not included in the older version of BJam that comes bundled with 1.35 of bo

Is it a good practice to put the tables of different versions of a website(no data sharing among these versions) in one database?
by Mikebob in Databases

I am developing a website. There is an English version, Japanese version and Chinese version. Different version is for different language speakers. If you are a registered user of the English version, and you want to use the Japanese version, you still need to register on the Japanese version. So should I create one database and put all tables into this database or should I create 3 databases,

Are there documented rendering differences between different versions of an operating system and same versions of browsers?
by Mike Bakalov in Programming Languages

I'm involved in some browser-compatibility testing, and we're looking at tools and so forth. One thing we need to do is visual inspection of our site in a range of different browsers on different OSs and platforms.

My question is whether there are documented differences (or someone can post some HTML+CSS) where a page will render differently in IE6 on Windows 2000 than it will in I

Maven versions plugin, limit versions:update-properties damage
by Rineau in Programming Languages

I have a multimodule maven project, where module share dependencies. By share I mean use the same dependencies. However each module declares dependencies itself. To keep sanity (yeah, maven, sanity, I know), and to have all modules using the same version of dependencies, parent pom declares properties with version numbers:


Are the Ruby “Previews” stable versions or Beta versions?
by jasonmoo in Programming Languages

On the page:


There are stable versions (1.8.6 p26 being the latest), and there are some "Previews" for 1.9.1. Are the "Previews" stable versions or are they Beta?

It seems that otherwise, the most recent stable version you can get is 1.8.6?

On page


Keep supporting different versions of software each one built with different Delphi or component versions
by Ryan in Computers

i need to maintain different versions of a software, the problem is like this:

1) v 1.0 - Delphi 7 - DevExpress build 20 - TeeChart 5

2) v 2.0 - Delphi 2005 - DevExpress build 40 - TeeChart 7

3) v 2.1 - Delphi 2009 - DevExpress build 52 - TeeChart 8

4) v 3.0 - Delphi 2009 - DevExèress build 53 - TeeChart 2010

(of course this is an exa

Can we install two different versions of ruby and map them to respective versions of rails on the same server?
by Chris in Programming Languages

I have already installed Ruby 1.8.7 and Rails 2.3.8 which is working fine.

Now, I need to install Rails 3.2.8 in order to install a gem and my goal build the same compatible with Rails 2.3.8 based on how it is developed.

I tried installing Rails 3.2.8 using
gem install rails -v=3.2.8 -include-dependencies

but to my surprise when I checked gem list rail

How do I add older versions of code into a Subversion repository as tagged versions
by Niels Kloster in Development Tools & Services

When we finally started using source control, old versions of code were added into the SVN in their own discrete folders, so I ended up with


What I would like to get to is having these older versions of the code as tagged versions inside the repository, like this:

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