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Veterinary Assistant Vs. Veterinary Health Technician
by Bunny loves data in Careers & Job Searching
Many people use the terms veterinary technician and veterinary assistant interchangeably, but they are not the same. It is similar to comparing a registered nurse to a nursing assistant. Vet techs have a wider range of practice, have more schooling and---in turn---earn more money. They also have more job opportunities and chances for advancement in their career. SchoolsMany vet assistants are t

Veterinary Specialist Vs. Veterinary Assistant
by seigel in Careers & Job Searching
A veterinary assistant is an entry-level position caring for animals, taking medical histories and sometimes performing office tasks. A veterinary specialist is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with advanced specialty training and certification. Veterinary specialistsA veterinary doctor must complete a bachelor's degree and a doctorate in veterinary medicine. Many veterinarians also comple

Veterinary Assistants Vs. Veterinary Technicians
by ElFenix in Careers & Job Searching
The veterinary field relies heavily on veterinary assistants and technicians. The training that a veterinarian or facility expects an assistant or technician to have will vary greatly. Likewise, the amount of responsibilities given a technician or assistant will vary. Neither position is high-paying. Nor does either position allow for a lot of professional development. Given that, veterinary assi

Veterinary Assistant Vs. Veterinary Tech
by Drift King in Careers & Job Searching
While veterinary assistants and technicians share a passion for pets and the people who love them, it is difficult to know the difference between the two careers at a glance. If you are an animal lover looking to enter the field of veterinary services, which career path is better suited for you? Consider education, job responsibilities and the required skills as you make your choice. SkillsVete

Veterinary Technician Vs. Veterinary Specialist
by Harry Truman in Careers & Job Searching
Veterinary Technicians assists Veterinarians in the care and treatment of animals. Veterinary Specialists are Veterinarians who choose to specialize in a specific area of the care of animals. Veterinary Technician EducationVeterinary Technicians complete two to four years of a veterinary technology program and must pass a state exam.
Job Description for Veterinary TechniciansVeterinary Tech

How to Get Into Veterinary School
by Jason Merrill in Education
The competition to get into vet school is tough because there are a limited number of accredited veterinary programs in the United States. Therefore, begin developing your competitive advantage during high school. Get good grades, complete the prerequisites, and gain experience working with animals. Math and science are important for getting into veterinary school, so join high school and college

Veterinary Job Training
by ERaubenheimer in Careers & Job Searching
Training to be a veterinarian is a long process and involves both actual hands-on work as well as education. However, for someone who loves animals, all of the hard work is worth it to be able to work with and help animals. Becoming a veterinarian involves several specific steps and levels of experience and training. Pre-Degree Work ExperienceBefore training begins, pre-veterinary work experien

How to Become a Veterinary Ultrasonographer
by Joe in Careers & Job Searching
Veterinary ultrasonographers help diagnose illness in animals by using ultrasound technology, which captures images of organs and tissues using high-frequency sound waves. As this technique has become more widely used, the demand for technicians has increased. While an advanced degree in veterinary medicine is required to be a radiologist, many veterinary technician programs offer certification i

What Is a Zoo Veterinary Technician?
by coding-style in Careers & Job Searching
A zoo veterinary technician is a licensed professional responsible for assisting the zoo veterinarian with medical and technical support as it pertains to zoo animals. The education and training of a zoo veterinary technician is similar to that of a veterinary technician, but with a focus on exotic animals. People who love taking care of animals often choose this career. It has room for growth and

How to Become a Zoo Veterinary Technician
by youtube-api in Careers & Job Searching
Veterinary technicians are in high demand in all areas of specialization. A veterinary technician is a highly skilled member of a veterinary office who has had education in the care and handling of a variety of animals. Veterinary technicians are responsible for a variety of tasks, including gathering patient data, collecting specimens and preparing animals and instruments for surgery. A zoo veter

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