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How to access videos in the Videos of section *warning cute cat videos*
by Edo in Programming Languages

I have created a facebook application called Video Uploader and a company called Test company that can be found here:


I am just wondering how would I access the videos in the Videos of test company section using the graph api or facebook query language?

On this page https://www.facebook.co

Multiple Videos on one page that are anchors, how do I stop the anchor covering the controls of the videos?
by mysql in Web Design

I have one page of videos that are anchors to each other on the page. So if you click on the first video it slides down to the next and so on. However, because they are anchors the controls can not be clicked on. How can I get around this problem?

this is the page http://kimcolemanprojects.com/djangolive_1.html

Thanks for any help.


How Can I make app to play Specific Google Videos and YouTube videos on Android from the app itself *Using eclipse*?
by jch in Android


I need to make App To play Some plays and series on Android , Those are on Google Videos And YouTube , I use Eclipse and Android 4.0.3 APIs, :( I'm A Beginner and I want To start with that app !
Can Anyway help me !!

Please ...

Additional Details
btw , Wanna to play this videos from the app itself , if it can be !
Kindly provide me the code/

How can the right part of page of Google videos stay still when you search videos on the left
by Gilmar Souza Jr. in Web Design

When you use Google Videos, you will notice the right part of the page stays still when you search videos on the left. How is it implemented?

Rails 3.2/Heroku issue - Precompiling .mp4 videos in public/videos
by Cadu in Web Design

New to rails here:
I have a rails app and I'd like to place videos on a page or two using html5 video tags. I am currently using Rails 3.2 and Heroku's cedar stack to deploy my app. I am running into an issue when deploying my app to Heroku.

I have placed my .mp4 videos in public/videos, and when running rails' local server, everything works just fine.

However, wh

How to access videos in iphone. Where does it store the downloaded videos?
by Pat in Mobile Programming

How do I access videos on an iPhone? Where does it store downloaded videos?

Is there any sample code available to access the videos on an iPhone?
Thanks in advance.

Playing Uploaded Videos or embed youtube videos
by nobodyzzz in Web Design

I'm creating a Content Management System that allows the content manager to upload videos to the server. There will be a list of pages and each one will have a video on it. Each video should then be able to be played by the content observer.

Problem: I can get some videos to play, but I cannot get all of them to play and I don't know why. How do I force the content manager to u

Embedded YouTube Videos - Removing Videos at End
by Mutilator in Web Design

At the end of a YouTube video you will see other videos that you can choose to watch if you choose. I am embedding a YouTube video on my site and would prefer that those videos did not show at the end of the video. Is there a way to remove those videos and have just a reply option (or something similar). According to this question you can remove the annotations from YouTube Videos that are embe

How to Turn Normal Videos into iPod Videos
by Matt Watson in Computers
Videos on your computer that are in AVI, MOV, or MPEG format can be converted into iPod videos through the iTunes program on your computer, as well as through the QuickTime Pro program. ITunes is the default software used to sync videos from your computer to your iPod, and includes a video converter that converts the video into an MP4. MP4s are the standard video format supported by iPods, and can

How to Upload Videos on Google Videos
by NextInLine in Internet
Launched in January 2005, Google Video is a free online video sharing service similar to YouTube. Users may share and post comments about the videos on the site. Google applies its search capabilities to Google Video to easily find videos. Videos posted on Google Video may be embedded remotely on Web pages and within emails using reference HTML code, much like with YouTube videos. Users upload vi


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