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How to Use a Viewfinder for Artwork
by Saurabh in Arts & Entertainment
A viewfinder can be a very useful tool for cropping any subject into a pleasing composition for creating painted artworks. Here is how to use a view finder to crop an image and how to use that image for a painting.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
A viewfinder
A subject
Your art supplies

Stand back from your subject.
Place the view

How to Use the Viewfinder on a Nikon D40
by dawza in Electronics
The Nikon D40 is a mid-level DLSR camera. A DSLR, which stands for digital single-lens reflex, camera is most often used by professionals for its higher picture quality as compared to a point-and-shoot camera. The D40 is part of Nikon's professional camera series, which is updated occasionally to offer the newest in consumer photography. Although the D40 is a not the latest in the series, it is st
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How to Make a Viewfinder
by Monev in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Viewfinders come in handy when scoping out prospective subjects for drawing and paintings. Use a viewfinder to look at people, objects and landscapes from various angles and viewpoints. Make a simple and inexpensive viewfinder out of paper and paper clips. Plan to spend less than 30 minutes to complete this project.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Black paper
Utility knife o
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Why Is My Nikon SLR Viewfinder Fuzzy?
by seventy6 in Electronics
The image that shows through a single lens reflex (SLR) camera's viewfinder is a direct representation of the resulting photograph. A subject or scene is reflected by a retractable mirror, which moves during shutter fire, into a smaller stationary mirror that is then shown in the viewfinder. Diopter AdjustmentSome Nikon SLR cameras are equipped with a diopter adjustment lever or knob near the v

How to Clean a Viewfinder on a Nikon D40
by Roel van Dijk in Home & Garden
The Nikon D40 is a digital camera that comes equipped with a viewfinder display, which is a built-in screen that allows you to see the image you are about to capture. As with any other electronic device, the viewfinder displays the best picture when you keep it clean. It is important to use only safe cleaning elements when cleaning the viewfinder, because the wrong cleaners could damage the displa

How to Change to Viewfinder on a Nikon D40
by Koen Willemse in Electronics
LCD displays on cameras have come a long way from being barely visible in daylight. Under bright light or when a photograph is extremely important, a photographer can't afford to have any detail washed out, which is why many photographers still prefer to use the optical viewfinder. Optical viewfinders are the tiny lens on the back of a camera that shows you what the main lens sees. It's hard to re

Define Viewfinder on a Camera
by TheStu in Electronics
A camera's viewfinder allows you to compose and preview the photograph you are about to take. Many of them are simply a small viewing window, about the size of your eye, on the camera body. Some are larger, depending on the camera format. They have varying levels of accuracy and may also involve some accessories to help you use them more effectively. Point-and-ShootsA point-and-shoot film camer

How to Clean a DSLR Viewfinder
by algoRhythm99 in Electronics
You dropped the cash for a fancy new DSLR camera, but after a few days of shooting, the image in the viewfinder looks grainy and flat. Before you put another lens on your credit card, take a good look at your viewfinder: It may be covered in dust and oil. Whether you're sweating it out in a fashion shoot on the beach or stalking endangered species in the jungle, cleaning dirt and moisture from the

Parts of a Camera Viewfinder
by Cogman in Electronics
The viewfinder system on cameras can vary depending on the type of camera. Point and shoot cameras use a very simple system which is basically a tube located above the lens. Many digital cameras use the image sensor to give a preview on the LCD screen so the user need not look through a viewfinder at all. The most involved system is used on SLR, or single lens reflex, cameras, and allows the user

How to Close the Viewfinder on a Bolex
by kanda in Electronics
When a cinematographer wants to return to the roots of moviemaking, he often picks up a 16mm film movie camera. One of the most reputable camera manufacturers is Bolex, which began production in Switzerland in 1928. Bolex cameras are celebrated for their large, bright viewfinders, which allow for ease in composition and framing. To protect light from leaking through the viewfinder onto the film, a


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