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C# MVC4 Razor Partial Views - Full page refreshing while switching views?
by postmortemIA in Programming Languages

Am building a typical admin portal - there's two shared partial view .cshtml files for top and left menus. Then, the main content is the usual view files.

Example, I have in "views" a "dashboard.cshtml" and "settings.cshtml" and so on. Inside these, I make a call to @Html.Partial("_Layout_topmenu") and @Html.Partial("_Layout.leftnav")

Everything is "working" fine, except

Codeigniter, loading views inside views, variables doesn't reset each time
by Timothy in Programming Languages

I'm using the latest stable version of Codeigniter.

Here's part of the controller:

$data = array(
'tracks' => $this->tracks_model->get(NULL, 'start_date'),
'longest_distance' => $this->tracks_model->get(10, 'distance'),
'longest_time' => $this->tracks_model->get(10, 'moving_time')

How can i make use of views defined in layout XML file as template to create views programmatic way
by Star Gryphon in Programming Languages

I want to populate a table, defined in layout xml file through the programmatic way. I have define Table with a single row defining its header, with all the attributes set. Now i want to know a way so that i can just replicate that header row in the table with new content.

I tried using inflator inflate(int,view) method, but at runtime it showed up with error.

Here is th

Passing sql results to views hard-codes views to database column names
by ews in Programming Languages

I just realized that i may not be following best practices in regards to the MVC pattern.

My issue is that my views "know" information about my database

Here's my situation in psuedo code...

My controller invokes a method from my model and passes it directly to the view

view.records = tableGateway.getRecords() // gets array of records

Do root views of an Activity in Android have any prior knowledge of the child views that will be loaded into them?
by Bas in Android

Is there any way to query a root view of an activity for all of its child views even before the root view or its children have been inflated? I guess what I'm looking for is whether a view knows ahead of time what children it will have before it gets inflated, and can I get that list in some way. Bizarre I realize, but I think it will help me with some unconventional automation testing I'm wo

Android Adding Views or changing Visibility of Views as Game progresses
by Vytautas in Programming Languages

I am a beginner. Trying to write a simple game where progress through the levels gives the user more funtions, ie another View appears which adds to the things the user can do in the game. In particular I want to add ZoomControls at the moment if that matters.
As far as I know or can figure out you must add Views in OnCreate. Therefore I have tried setting the View to invisible in OnCre

Access Drupal views argument in the same views header or footer section.
by Funkwarrior in Web Design

In drupal views module, is there any way to access the arguments in the header or footer section?

What i need to do is show a more/[arguement-1] link in the footer section of the view. I've changed the input format to php and I'm stuck as to how to access the views variable.

In Rails, how to make :mobile views to fallback default views when not found?
by Marcos de Carvalho in Programming Languages

This question is a follow up to my previous unanswered question: ActionView::MissingTemplate: Missing template (Trying to render nonexistent :mobile format )

Since doesn't seem to be a Rails approach consensus with this, Is there any way that when accessing from a mobile device to render default :html when :mobile format is not available? (If a :mobil

How can I update the all the views inside a TabHost when pressing on a ContextMenu item from within one of the views?
by chanley in Programming Languages

I am implementing a music player application in Android. My play list selection screen is implemented as a tab selector widget which contains a ListActivity inside each of the tabs: Artist, Albums, Songs.
I want to update the ListView in each of the ListActivity when I delete an item from any of the lists.

i.e. When I long press an item in the Artists list a context menu is dra

Questions about iPhone app structure - Core Data, Views, Modal Views etc
by cmt95 in Development Tools & Services

About a month ago my wife and I came up with a good idea for an iPhone app, so I set about thinking of how the app would work from a users perspective and about a week ago I opened up XCode for the first time and began to develop.

Before I get too stuck into the writing of the app, I want to make sure I have some key concepts clear in my mind, specifically related to architecture.<

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