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Node expand box is not visible in Internet explorer and Chrome but is visible in firefox
Category : Web Design

I have a radtreeview in item template of a radcombobox. The parent node is visible but its expand box is not in chrome and IE but its visible in firefox.

Am i missing something or what can i do to fix this issue.

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Nice solution for hiding all visible DIV elements on the page, then restoring only the ones that were visible before
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to make a jQuery script that will hide all the visible elements on the page,
and then after someone hits a button, make all the elements that were hidden appear again.

I know I can use the .is(':visible') selector on every single divider and store the ones that are visible, then use .hide(); on all of those. Finally, I know I can then use

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iis7 multiple websites visible in localhost on my server, but only one visible online
Category : Development Tools & Services

I've got a web server (windows server 2008 R2) with IIS7.5, bought on telecity,com, where I have access via remote desktop; on this server I had a website in production, accessible via IP (at the moment I don't have a domain) and now I'd like to add a testing environment, so I've configured another website on another port (8888), and I've created an application on the folder containing test fil

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Making the vertical scrollbar visible and horizontal scroll bar visible
Category : Programming Languages

i'm developing an android application in which i need 3 table layouts first and last should scroll in horizontal and middle one should scroll in both directions and i need to add rows to those table layouts dynamically .

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Created file is not visible in the gallery, but is visible in a sdcard folder
Category : Programming Languages

I've added a video file in /mnt/sdcard/DCIM/somefolder
But it is not visible in the gallery.
Could anyone help me please to understand what is wrong?

File dir = new File(Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(
Environment.DIRECTORY_DCIM), "/somefolder");
if (!dir.exists()) {

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android:layout_weight=“33” how does gone->visible visible->gone effect this?
Category : Programming Languages

android layouts use a layout_weight. I am aiming for 1/3 for all components but sometimes the footer is literally set to gone, and then visible. How does the weight calculation work when setting from gone to visible? I am not seeing the content inside a linear layout which has 1/3 weight?

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hiding a form depending if its visible or not, :visible check is not working
Category : Programming Languages

I have this code to check if a span is hidden or visible depending on the value it will show or hide, the event is triggered when a user clicks a button:

$('form').on('click', '#agregar', function(){
// var p = $('#panel');
//var a = $('#agregar');
$('#agregar').val('Mostrar Forma');

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Jquery each and visible - Unknown Pseudoclass or Pseudoelement 'visible'
Category : Coding

i have a problem with jquery/visible. Hope somebody can help me.
This code works, but i get an error in firebug

$('.fse:visible').each(function (i)

-> Unknown Pseudoclass or Pseudoelement 'visible'.
second try

$('.fse').is(':visible').each(function (i)

-> $(".fse").is(":visible").each is not a function


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Force the keyboard to become visible and stay visible in view
Category : Programming Languages

I want to have the virtual keyboard appear in my view on load and I want it to say visible for the lifetime of the view. There is a text field and I treat as the primary control for this view.

Initially, I called [self.textField becomeFirstResponder] in -viewWillAppear: following advice I've gotten here. Then, I came up with a different idea: I overloaded U

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How can I see whether a scrollviewer child element is visible, and make it visible if it isn't?
Category : Programming Languages

In a scrollviewer I have a textblock with 1000 inlines e.g.


<TextBlock Name="textBlock1" TextWrapping="Wrap" />


public MainWindow()
for (int i = 0

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