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Making a Label Visible/Not Visible in Delphi
by rodvand in Programming Languages

I would like a button to change a label between being visible and not visible when clicked. I Tried the following code, but it doesnt work:

Hidden : Boolean;
If Hidden = True
Label6.Visible := True;
Hidden := False;
If Hidden = False

Check Box control is not visible. How to make it visible
by z1ggy in Programming Languages

I can't see checkboxes and radiobuttons in my web page. I do not understand where I make mistake. In my first template there is no problem. However after changing template there are problems with checkboxes and radiobuttons.

Here is the code :

<div class="grid_12">
<div class="box round first fullpage" style="height: 330px">

Logs that are visible on iOS5 are not visible on iOS 6 (only on device)
by dfuze in Development Tools & Services

I am using the asl logging framework to log various errors levels and then display them using a method. The error I have is very strange, the method that I use to display the all levels logs works on iOS 5 but in iOS 6 it gives me back only the logs with warning level.

-(NSArray*) retrieveLogsWithLevel:(LoggingLevels)level_in forQueryOperation:(QueryOperations)queryOperation

magento - how to debug? product not visible, cloned product not visible, new product is visible
by Yannis Roussochatzakis in Development Tools & Services

we have one of the famous "product not visible in frontend" problems, but this one seems to be a bit harder.

we certainly worked the checklist (like this one http://www.aschroder.com/2010/07/why-are-my-magento-products-not-showing-up/) but still:

this product 404s:

this one is a clone and 4

How can module be visible from one import and not visible from another?
by Josh Tegart in Programming Languages

So I've got an application that's using pymysql, the pure python mysql client implementation. Before I go into my response, I'd like to stress the fact that I am not open to using a different mysql driver.

I have a module implementing a data structure that's backed by MySQL. The gist of the module is as follows:

import pymysql
class Whatever:

Check for each image if it's visible. If none is visible, do something
by billputer in Programming Languages
$("img").each(function() {
if($(this).is(':hidden')) {


<div id="imgWrap">
<img src="http://static.pullandbear.net/2/photos/2012/V/0/1/p/9396/326/800/9396326800_4_1_4.jpg" class="fashion black" alt="">
<img src="http://static.pullandbear.net/2/photos/2012/V/0/1/p

Maven 3 ejb-client dependency visible at compile time not visible at runtime for ejb 3.1 app client
by TheStu in Web Design

I have a simple EJB 3.1 project which uses Glassfish 3.1.2 as AS and Maven 3 for dependency management. In the pom.xml of ejb project I set the generateClient option to true. I successfully deployed my ear to the server and then I tried to create a simple standalone client. Here is the pom.xml of the client:

Button.Visible = true; fails to set the button to visible when activated within a function
by Vrki in Programming Languages

I haven't been able to find anyone else having this same problem, so hopefully someone might have some ideas or be able to point me to another answer.

When a function is run by pressing a button on the form, another button should become visible. However, the button never shows up even though it is the first thing in the function. All of the other code in the function works perfe

Line not visible in zedgraph - How to create overlapping filled line graphs using zedgraph such that all the curves and their fills are visible?
by MovingSpotlight in Programming Languages

I am creating a line graph using zedgraph which contains multiple lines and all of them are filled with labels displaying the data points. There are times when one of the lines is not visible at all but only the data point labels for that line are visible. I think this happens when the data is such that one line completely envelopes the other in terms of area covered and the order of rendering

How to make div visible and not visible
by jch in Programming Languages

How to make div visible & not visible after clicking button in MVC3.

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