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Making linux “Wait” command wait for ALL child processes
by Puddle Jumper in Network & Servers

Wait is not waiting for all child processes to stop. This is my script:

titlename=`echo "$@"|sed 's/..{3}$//'`
screen -X title "$titlename"
/usr/lib/process.bash -verbose $@
bash -c "mail.bash $@"
screen -X title "$titlename.Done"

I don't have access to /usr/lib/process.bash, but it is a script that changes frequ

Selenium webdriver using facebook php library - implicit wait or wait for element present?
by Paul in PHP

I am trying to test a file upload using the facebook php library for webdriver, and it appears that the upload is working because the source code shows the 'loading' notification, but I can't seem to get the test to wait for the file to upload before proceeding to the next step. I can't find any reference to either an implicit wait (not ideal, but would probably do the trick) or a wait for ele

Selenium WebDriver: Fluent wait works as expected, but implicit wait does not
by timswim78 in Web Design

I am new to Selenium WebDriver and am trying to understand the correct way to 'wait' for elements to be present.

I am testing a page with a bunch of questions that have radio button answers. As you select answers, Javascript may enable/disable some of the questions on the page.

The problem seems to be that Selenium is 'clicking too fast' and not waiting for the Javascri

Nodejs , wait until current request completes, then proceed (or) wait until firstfunction executes before going to second function
by PrinceMyshkin in Development Tools & Services

i am using nodejs .

var ret = firstfunction(); //this calls database and gets some return value
var output = secondfunction(ret); // in this function we used ret as parameter

Here whats happening is, before firstfunction completes , that is, before it gets the value "ret", the second function is executing with parameter "undefine

Problems with explicit wait and implicit wait in selenium 2 webdriver
by camt in Programming Languages

I have to work with some really slow proxies and got stuck every now and then. Therefore I'm trying to find a solution/workaround for this, here's my problem:

from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.support.ui import WebDriverWait
browser = webdriver.Firefox()
element = browser.find_element_by_id("element"

execv, wait, Unix programming, How to wait for a child
by Rast in Programming Languages

Hi I'm working on a unix shell and I'm running into two problems. I was wondering if any of you could help me out. My first problem is that the shell is not waiting for the child process to terminate. I can actually go type more commands while the child process is running. My second problems is in the following two lines. I'm not getting any display on the shell.


How do I launch a function and wait/don't wait on it depending on whether it's a GUI application?
by Cadu in Programming Languages

I'm looking for a Python function which behaves just like the Windows command interpreter cmd.exe when it comes to waiting for newly launched processes to finish. Right now I'm using os.system() but this function always blocks, even when launching GUI applications (which, in case they were written in C/C++, have a WinMain function and were linked with

selenium web driver - explicit wait vs implicit wait
by tolis626 in Web Design

I am using

driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(180, TimeUnit.SECONDS);

But it still fails continuously for the below element


I have added wait code

for (int second = 0;; second++) {

Can mWaitWorkCV.wait(mLock) cause ANR or not when wait over 10 seconds?
by tontod in Programming Languages

In AudioFlinger::MixerThread::threadLoop method calls mWaitWorkCV.wait(mLock).
Can mWaitWorkCV.wait(mLock) cause ANR or not when wait over 10 seconds?

The source:

bool AudioFlinger::MixerThread::threadLoop()
// wait until we have something to do...
LOGV("MixerThread %p TID %d going to slee

how to wait on multiple wait conditions/event
by kema in Operating Systems

I wanted to have something similar to windows win32 api WaitForMultipleObjects call in qt. So that my calling thread can wait on mulitple events at a same time. We have QWaitCondition which can only wait for single event.

Please guide how we can wait on multiple events

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