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Can I update my binary when it's waiting for review without beeing thrown back in the waiting queue?
by Virginia in Mobile Programming

I've submitted an app a few days ago and it's still waiting for review. In the meantime I've done some improvements... could I submit that new binary now or is that going to reset my waiting time so that I basically start from scratch again?

How to calculate waiting time for customer based on previous customers's waiting time
by johntynan in Network & Servers

Can anyone suggest a method to calculate customer waiting time for a restaurant based on previous waiting times. My system stores the waiting time of each customer and based on this values i want to predict the waiting time for next customer.

php and curl - waiting for what?
by dummyadresse in Development Tools & Services

A quicky - three .php pages with some form data passed from page0->page1->page2. When 'submit' gets clicked on page0 it goes to page1, etc. No big deal.

Im trying to use curl to do the page transfer after the form data is stored. This shouldn't be a big deal.. right?

Each page is short, simple HTML. Nothing special. They should load in a heartbeat. And they do from my l

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Does SPI really need waiting loop?
by Denmark in Coding

I am using msp430f5418, with IAR Embedded workbench 5.10.

A Graphical LCD (ST7565R) is connected through SPI into the MSP..

MSP master uses 8-bit, MSB first mode with SMCLK.

Normally we have to check the busy bit before transferring a byte using SPI, right?

But for my case, even if I send data continuously without checking the busy bit, it works f

C IPC waiting for child
by Steve O. in Programming Languages

So I have a program which creates a child process and executes a command (for example, ls). The parent will then use pipes to send to and get from the child. This works fine when I'm inputting commands myself from the command line.

However, when the input comes from a file, it seems like the child doesn't have enough time to run and I get NULL when reading from the pipe - even thoug

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How I can reduce the waiting?
by Dan Ingraham in Programming Languages

I create Web Server on VB (ib Visual studio). So I want to send some data when client connected. I see that:
Client connecting: 2ms
Waiting: 100-150 ms
Getting data: 30 ms

How I can reduce the waiting?

Public Function Start()
If some expression Then
'some code
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What Does Waiting for HTTP Mean?
by ChaseVoid in Internet
The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) retrieves files written in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) from a server on the Internet and sends them through one or more networks to your Internet browser. The speed of delivery depends on your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) connection rate with the Internet, the amount of users accessing data via the ISP and your computer's connection speed to your IS

How to Keep From Being Cold When Waiting for the Bus
by Gipsy.D in Health
Whether you ride a school bus or a city bus, if you live in a cold area of the country you've probably spent some time shivering while you waited for your transportation to arrive. Winter is especially perilous with its freezing temperatures and icy wind. Prepare for cold weather before you leave the house to make your wait at the bus stop safe and comfortable.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Th

How to Use Call Waiting
by beginner99 in Electronics
Adding call waiting as a feature to your telephone can help you take calls that you are waiting for without having to stay off the phone until that important call comes in. With call waiting, you get a beep when you are on another call to let you know that another call is coming in. If you want to take the call, you follow the simple steps outlined in this article.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Th
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Jobs to Get While Waiting for a Job
by Joshua Johnson in Education
People sometimes get hooked into jobs they don't want -- years and even decades may pass before they realize they've spent their lives in futility. If you are truly unhappy with your occupation, you have a way out that won't leave you unemployed. You can find other jobs while waiting for a job you want. Substitute teacherVirtually every school district in the United States has a way for substit
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