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How Do I Replace Wall Waste With a Floor Waste Toilet?
by msmy300z in Home & Garden
Replacing a wall-hung or wall-waste discharge toilet with a floor-discharge model is a time consuming and somewhat difficult process that requires special tools and a certain amount of patience and skill. However, a determined do-it-yourselfer can accomplish the task with careful attention to detail and a little technical knowledge.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Nee

What Is the Difference Between Hazardous Waste & Solid Waste?
by StereoPixel in Business
Hazardous waste threatens human health or the environment if it is carelessly thrown away, dumped into the ground or handled improperly. According to the EPA, solid waste or municipal solid waste (MSW) is commonly known as trash or garbage. It refers to the overall garbage created by a community, including household waste, as well as the waste generated by businesses, schools and institutions.

The Difference between Waste Recovery & Waste Disposal
by Jim Davis in Home & Garden
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), almost every activity that people engage in produces some form of waste. The EPA defines solid waste as garbage, refuse, sludge produced from wastewater and discarded materials that include solid, liquids, semisolid and gaseous materials and substances. Waste disposal involves the use of landfills, combustion and the transfer stations, while

Hazardous Waste vs Special Waste
by Thomas in Health
Hazardous waste is waste that can harm you and the environment if mismanaged. Special wastes are wastes that can cause unknown risks to humans and the environment. Hazardous wastes include household products that contain corrosive solvents or wastes that contain lead and arsenic. Special wastes can include fertilizers or contaminated soil. Hazardous Waste DefinitionHazardous waste needs to be c

Waste King SS8000 Versus Waste King 8000
by Ryland in Home & Garden
The SS8000 and 8000 are garbage disposal models manufactured by the California-based company, Anaheim Manufacturing Company. Both models are a part of AMC's Waste King disposals. However, model No. 8000 is a part of the Waste King Legend Series, while the SS8000 is a part of the Waste King Gourmet Series of disposals. DifferencesThe Waste King Legend Series 8000 and the Waste King Gourmet Serie

About E-Waste
by TC. in Legal
What is E-Waste? Maybe you've never heard of the informal term, but chances are you already know what E-Waste is. E-Waste is composed of electronic devices--computers, videogame consoles, fax machines, cell phones and televisions--that are discarded, sometimes because they are broken but more often because their technology is obsolete. However, more problematic than the massive amount of electr
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How to Ask for Waste Oil
by rbonestell in Cars
In this era of high diesel prices, an ever increasing number of people are using spent fry oil to fuel their diesel vehicles. And why not? It seems like a dream-come-true: Taking other people's garbage off their hands for the purpose of fueling your vehicle. You get free fuel, and you reduce their waste output. Converting your diesel vehicle to fry-oil is simple, and, in some areas, unnecessary. Y
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What Is Waste Oil?
by skriefal in Cars
Waste oil is oil that can no longer be used for its original purpose because of impurities or the loss of its original properties as a result of use or handling. The Environmental Protection Agency defines it as oil mixed with hazardous waste that has to be disposed of---as opposed to "used oil," which can be recycled, refined or burned for energy. SourcesWaste oil comes from synthetic or refin
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How Does Algae Get Rid of Waste?
by MovingSpotlight in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Algae, Latin for "seaweed," are photosynthetic aquatic plants commonly found in surface water. Algae production is a natural way to eliminate many kinds of waste from the environment. It is effective in dealing with nuclear waste, sewage treatment, air pollution and water pollution and leaves no chemical or detrimental environmental waste of its own. Nuclear WasteThe need to separate radioactiv
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Problems with E-Waste
by Pete in Electronics
With more and more electronics integral to how we live our lives and conduct business, how these products are disposed is a great concern for nations the world over. With the high level of toxicity of most electronic goods, proper disposal is imperative to prevent position of the land, water and population. Below are some of the more common problems with e-waste. Planned ObsolescenceThe electro

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